All Bees DEAD After Cell Tower Activated in Eagle, Idaho – VIDEO

Hey you!  Yes YOU with that cell phone in your hand.  This is at least partially your fault.  How do you feel knowing that you are contributing to the deaths of these innocent beings?  How do you feel knowing that YOUR behavior and YOUR choices are causing the demise of our entire ecosystem?

This is one of the saddest and most devastating things I have seen to date. When are people going to get it? WTF is wrong with humanity that we are participating in this evil?  This just makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Under three minutes.

2 thoughts on “All Bees DEAD After Cell Tower Activated in Eagle, Idaho – VIDEO”

  1. Have been following the dying of bees the past 25 years. This is happening everywhere were there are 5G cell towers being placed. Throughout the past 12 years I have been talking to ITT installers working for big corporations all over the country, telling me that more and more are quitting their jobs, cause the individual has developed cancer either in the lungs, liver, thyroid, glands under the arm, or brain tumors. Cancer also been detected on hands lower and upper arms and groin area. In the last 20 years the microwaving in and around major cities has dramatically increased, including areas in the country side were farming takes place.
    Please visit:
    I will share this info. Thank you for reporting, and please do not give up.

    1. Thank you for your sharing and for the link to your site. I have visited it before and thank you for what you are doing. I will never give up and hope you won’t either. But I did get very depressed yesterday after I saw this video. Nonetheless, love will prevail and we will keep moving forward until every single individual responsible for this evil is held liable and accountable and receives appropriate punishment. Stay well and stay strong!

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