All Bees DEAD After Cell Tower Activated in Eagle, Idaho – VIDEO

Hey you!  Yes YOU with that cell phone in your hand.  This is at least partially your fault.  How do you feel knowing that you are contributing to the deaths of these innocent beings?  How do you feel knowing that YOUR behavior and YOUR choices are causing the demise of our entire ecosystem?

This is one of the saddest and most devastating things I have seen to date. When are people going to get it? WTF is wrong with humanity that we are participating in this evil?  This just makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Under three minutes.

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  1. Has anyone tried wrapping the hives with foil? I just lost 13 hives, not even a dead bee in the boxes. (100% of my hives gone). I checked online, and have 5 towers and 37 antennas within a 3 mi. radius. I had 13 strong hives in Nov. and had none in Feb. I suspect tree leaves shield just enough for summer months, but once the leaves drop, the bees get blasted, and leave. I ordered 6 packages for this year. I am going to wrap with a foil coated insulation. (basically a faraday box.) I also made a bus stop type platform, and will shield with aluminum screen on 3 sides. (southwest to northwest are tower locations). I started having with hive losses around 2007-2008. Coincidently, the closest tower was installed in 2006. Also, I had to move the hives in closer to the house because of 8 hives lost to black bears. But these bees are just leaving, not dying in the hive. I have also noticed feral bees in the trees. I suspect the thickness of the tree hives are blocking the radio waves. Thank you for the post.

    1. Bees and birds are dying by the millions from the radiation. Just look at this! It’s unbelievable what they are getting away with and the level of denial that exists among humanity. Your message actually gives me hope that the bees are LEAVING and not dying. I know that many, many dying though and have shared some quotes about this in my book. Below is one quote from Arthur Firstenberg and here is the link to my book:

      “Ferdinand Ruzicka… ‘observed a pronounced restless-ness’ in his bee colonies… after telecommunications antennas appeared in a field near his hives… ‘I am a frame-hive beekeeper,’ he wrote. ‘The bees now build their honeycombs not in the manner prescribed by the frames, but in a helter skelter fashion. In the summer, the colonies collapsed without any obvious cause. In the winter, despite snow and below zero temperatures, the bees would fly out and freeze to death next to the hive’… On the small island lying off England’s southern coast where Marconi sent the world’s first long-distance radio transmission in 1901, the bees began to vanish. By 1906, the island, then host to the greatest density of radio transmissions in the world, was almost empty of bees. Thousands, unable to fly, were found crawling and dying on the ground outside their hives.”

  2. Yes, but have you watched the Black mirror series on Netflix? Drone bees will replace them. Go figure.

  3. Il faut 240 kilogrammes d’énergie fossile pour chaque appareil électronique. 22kilogramme de produits chimiques pour chaque appareil électronique. Et 1.5 tonnes d’eau est nécessaire pour la lexivation des produits ainsi créés. La quantité de radionucléïdes déversée dans le sol et les nappes phréatiques était déjà énorme en 2016. Maintenant, elle est exponentiellement élevée à mesure qu’on voit apparaitre les nouvelles technologies d’automobiles “autonomes”, à phares lumineux Dell, faisant partie intégrante du problème de réchauffement climatique . Le 5G est une addition, (et une “addiction d’utilisation “) en puissance 5 sur toutes les autres “Générations robots” précédentes. L’internet des objets est tellement énergivore et tellement nocive pour tout être vivant (insectes, animaux, batraciens, poissons et humains) que je me demande si les promotteurs de ces innovations ont une conscience ou une âme. Il est vrai que les gens qui sont dépourvus de psy (racine grècque voulant dire “âme” )et de cho (écho en soi pour la conscience ) figurent dans le DSM5 comme “psychopathes”. Et ils sont recrutés facilement comme PDG de grosses entreprises. Aucune sensibilité ni humanisme chez eux. Un robot quoi. Comme la génération robotisée qu’ils créent à leur image psychopathiques.Pathos veut dire maladie. Une maladie qui nous dicte le 5G. Et la destruction de la planète.

    1. Hi Marie-Claude – I’ve taken the liberty of translating your comment into English below and agree with you on many points. I do, however, think these psychopaths have a soul but it is a demonic soul.

      “240 kilograms of fossil fuel are needed for each electronic device. 22kilogram of chemicals for each electronic device. And 1.5 tons of water is needed for the release of the products thus created. The amount of radionuclids released into the soil and groundwater was already enormous in 2016. Now, it is exponentially high as we see the emergence of new “autonomous” automotive technologies, with Dell headlights, which are an integral part of the system. global warming problem. 5G is a power-5 addition (and “use addiction”) over all previous “Robot Generations”. The Internet of Things is so energy intensive and so harmful to all living things (insects, animals, amphibians, fish and humans) that I wonder if the promoters of these innovations have a conscience or a soul. It is true that people who are devoid of psy (Greek root meaning “soul”) and cho (echo in itself for consciousness) are listed in DSM5 as “psychopaths”. And they are easily recruited as CEOs of big companies. No sensitivity or humanism among them. A robot what. Like the robotic generation they create in their psychopathic image. Pathos means disease. A disease that dictates 5G. And the destruction of the planet. “

    1. NOT! I became extremely ill from microwave radiation while paying the FLFE people to supposedly reverse the problem. I think it’s total bunk, as are many of the devices for sale on the internet that allegedly protect people. There are two things that work — avoidance or proper shielding. That is it.

  4. It’s horrible. As Albert Einstein was saying: “If honey bees will disappear humans would be death within 4 years.”

    1. Einstein said that? Einstein – the plagiarist and fraud? If he actually did say that, I wonder who he stole that comment from.

      1. I approve of your site 100%,. but please explain to me why you call Albert Einstein a plagiarist and a fraud?

          1. I don’t wish to sound rude but I take it your Christian? From those comments you made and how you phrased them I would say you are.

  5. “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.” Albert Einstein

  6. Right near the end of this video, you commented “I went into afib when I found this…” Are you using that as a figure of speech, or did you really go into afibrillation? A friend of mine just reported that her husband was having afib and I wonder whether it might be 5G.

    1. Hi Karen – it is not me in the video. But yes, 3G, 4G, and 5G frequencies can cause heart irregularities of all kinds. The pulsed frequencies can even cause heart rupture.

  7. We cannot continue like this! The bees disappeared from my yard and my neighbors yard, too. Our crops are not getting pollinated. I surmised to some other community people that maybe the new 5G cell towers are to blame — what hostility I got!!! One woman screamed at me about her faster download speed with 5G and how dare I blame it on 5G. WHAT THE??? What the heck is the matter with these people??!!!

    1. These people will not be with us much longer Dee. They are on a suicide mission and we just have to be patient until they kill themselves.

  8. Have been following the dying of bees the past 25 years. This is happening everywhere were there are 5G cell towers being placed. Throughout the past 12 years I have been talking to ITT installers working for big corporations all over the country, telling me that more and more are quitting their jobs, cause the individual has developed cancer either in the lungs, liver, thyroid, glands under the arm, or brain tumors. Cancer also been detected on hands lower and upper arms and groin area. In the last 20 years the microwaving in and around major cities has dramatically increased, including areas in the country side were farming takes place.
    Please visit:
    I will share this info. Thank you for reporting, and please do not give up.

    1. Thank you for your sharing and for the link to your site. I have visited it before and thank you for what you are doing. I will never give up and hope you won’t either. But I did get very depressed yesterday after I saw this video. Nonetheless, love will prevail and we will keep moving forward until every single individual responsible for this evil is held liable and accountable and receives appropriate punishment. Stay well and stay strong!

      1. Good luck with that.
        Jesus is the only way, NEVER give in to this demented sick world.
        Prepare yourselves for what is to come
        A lot is going to happen.
        We are not of this world.
        Celeste Solum, church militant, lifesite news.

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