Windpower: Disastrous Threat to Planet Earth

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By Peter Tocci

The following was sent to me by a contact in Germany. The German title Windkkraft – Tragik eines Irrtums translates to Wind Power – Tragedy of a Mistake.
It includes the physics involved in the dire threat of windpower to atmospheric movement and balance. In other words, wind farms apparently interfere in a critical way with the natural flow of air around the planet.
Potential impacts include literally altering the positioning of the jet stream, thus thinning the atmosphere over the North Pole, thereby promoting icemelt even without the alleged contribution of CO2 or any “greenhouse” effect. It’s apparently already a question whether Earth could recover if we stop yesterday.
One striking quote:
…according to a recent study by the DLR (German Aerospace Center), between 5 and 6 billion insects of various species die on wind turbine blades every day and, as a side effect, reduce the effectiveness of the wind turbine by up to 50%!
Wind turbines are the biggest, irreversible intervention of man in the nature of our planet.
The original is in four languages, and people are asked to share as widely as possible. There doesn’t seem to be an author. Here’s the English version.
Video Comment (in German) by Akksel Johansson
Wind turbines – physics should be consulted: Germany has 32,000-plus wind turbines in operation. These produce 173 TWh of electricity. With a maximum efficiency of 49%, the wind turbines mathematically extract at least 346 TWh of energy from the wind. 1TWh has an energy content of 3,6PJ (Penta Joule), so Germany alone takes about 1.250 PJ or better said, 1,25 EJ (Exa Joule, a number with 18 zeros!) energy from the wind.
The statistics showed already years ago a reduction of the average wind speed in Germany in the letzen 20 years of 13% by the building of wind turbines. According to the University of Osnabrück, this corresponds to an energy extraction of 35%! (Info: Uni Osnabrück records the data since 1960.stable, seasonally comparable wind speeds are until the end of the 90’s, after that and especially from the middle of the first decade of the new millennium the serious losses over Germany become obvious !) Additional ugly side effect of wind turbines: directly measurable drying of soils and dying of trees due to lack of moisture on the lee side of the wind turbines. (perfect for the proliferation of bark beetles, etc.).
All known and proven for years. This has been presented in federal parliament hearings years ago! In the USA even 2.5 times as much wind energy is produced as in Germany. (380 TWh at an average of 43-46% effectiveness of the wind turbines installed in the states corresponds to approx. 800 TWh energy withdrawal!) This even corresponds to almost 2.5 EJ “withdrawal” (Nine Exo Joules of energy!) This also dramatically reduces the air currents from the equator away to the North Pole, which causes a further lowering of the jet stream to southern latitudes. This is all scientifically known!
The lowering of the jet stream – away from the pole, toward the equator – in turn causes thinning of the air layers over the North Pole, resulting in less reflection and thus warming of the region. Result: polar cap of the Arctic is melting. In addition, as a result, we have a dramatic slowing of the jet stream in the direction of Earth’s rotation, and thus the altered weather patterns. This is all physics and all proven.
There are also geographical limitations to their use: wind turbines cannot be used in the Arctic (gearboxes freeze, rotor blades ice up) or in the desert areas south of the Mediterranean (overheating of gearboxes, erosion of rotor blades by sand and dust, 10-20 times higher maintenance requirements and greatly reduced life expectancy of wind turbines due to premature wear). As a result, a band of wind turbines stretches in a certain “belt” around the entire globe of the northern hemisphere. What also cannot be ignored is that, according to a recent study by the DLR (German Aerospace Center), between 5 and 6 billion insects of various species die on wind turbine blades every day and, as a side effect, reduce the effectiveness of the wind turbine by up to 50%!
Thus, the overall efficiency of a wind turbine is reduced from 43-48% to only 21-24%, plus all the known, scientifically proven side effects! The types of sound (audible as well as inaudible infrasound waves) that affect the body through wind turbines have a direct impact on health. In a WDR Doku report from 2021 was proven by Professor Christian-Friedrich Vahl of the University Hospital Mainz (heart surgery) the direct, negative, influence of infrasound on muscle tissue. After only 1h of irradiation with infrasound waves, which are not audible at wind turbines, there was a measurable loss of muscle tissue performance.
Wind turbines are the biggest, irreversible intervention of man in the nature of our planet. Unfortunately, it can no longer be changed, one would have to bring the wind back to the old speed level, but unfortunately this is not possible. You would have to reverse the polarity of all wind turbines and, as fans, try to recreate the wind speeds that once prevailed in the world. and hope that this will also accelerate the jet stream back to the old level. Yes, the climate change is man-made, but for a different reason than the politicians try to sell it to us.
It is not the 4 molecules of CO2 more per million molecules in a cubic meter of air, but the wind turbines that have changed the climate worldwide, especially over the continents, so that the basic order is out of joint.


  1. reduction of the average wind speed over Germany: a) evaluations weather station Osnabrück “Less and less wind due to more and more wind turbines?” 29.05.2015 press article of the university at; b) mean wind speed reduced by 13%, which corresponds to a wind energy loss of 35%. c) helmholtz institute drought map 2019 overlaid with installed wind turbines in germany map results in 98% coverage of drought areas with wind farms and turbines.
  2. reducing jet stream speed at the poles: 08/09/2018 Focus article “The Jet Stream Collapse. How worn-out jet streams (jet-streams) are dangerously heating up the Earth”. Data from the Climate are- analyzer The University of Maine, USA. “… Due to the pressure gradient between these belts, strong winds flow toward the poles. (Coriolis force northern hemisphere deflected to left, southern hemisphere deflected to right, winds blow east in each case) … When currents meet obstacles, Rossby waves are created. …” Evaluation: due to the wind turbines installed on almost the same latitudes around the earth, the wind and also the pressure in the areas with wind turbines is decisively reduced and thus not enough force can be exerted on the jet streams at the poles and they slow down.
  3. effects of the reduced jet stream on mid-latitudes with trough formation: Due to the reduced jet stream velocities at the poles, long-lasting weather periods occur.
  4. installed wind turbines in Germany / USA : google Germany currently approx. 32.000 turbines, USA according to Wind Turbine Database: 70.800 wind turbines
  5. efficiency of wind turbines: according to the laws of physics, the theoretically possible efficiency of a free-flowing wind turbine is a maximum of 59.3% (Betz’s law). Modern wind turbines achieve efficiencies of 43-48%.
  6. reduction of wind speed by wind turbines: N-TV 18.07.2009 “Does a wind turbine weaken the wind?” Professor Ewald Krämer University of Stuttgart: “It is indeed the case that a wind turbine reduces the wind speed. The wind becomes weaker behind the wind turbine. The law of conservation of energy applies; this states that the total energy in a closed system remains constant. So if you gain energy with the wind power plant, the wind loses it.”
  7. temperature increase by wind turbines: a) 30.04.2012 “Wind farms lift the temperature in their region. (0.72 deg over a region where 4 wind farms have been built)” b) Climatic Impacts of Wind power” extract of the magazine Joule, Dec 19, 2018 pages 2618-2632: Wind power reduces emissions while causing climatic impacts such as warmer temperatures (data contained from 40 papers and 10 observational studies) c) americanexperiment. org October 6, 2020, Harvard Study : “Wind turbines will cause more warming than emissions reductions would avert”: result: temperature increase of 0.6-08 deg C; d) impacts of 319 wind farms on surface temperature and vegetation in the United States: “…the construction of wind farms alters the land surface temperature (LST) and vegetation modifying land surface properties and disturbing land atmosphere interactions. … our results: significant warming especially during night time 0.36 degC for 61% of the 319 wind farms. … Ober served a decrease in peak normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) for 59% of the wind farms … winter LSD of 0.14-0.21 deg C; ,wind farms in grass land show larger warming effects
  8. reduction of pressure on the lee side of wind farms (on the back side): a) “Wind farms worsen the climate”: On the lee side we have the so called “Fön”. This is caused by the pressure difference between before and after the obstacle (Fön/Alps known, wind turbine same effect) Already at the beginning of this century S.Baidya Roy (Indian institute of technology) and his collaborators proved that wind turbines influence the local weather. (2010, journal of wind engineering and industrial aerodynamics: “…studies have shown … strong impacts on weather and climate at local, regional and global scales (Baidya Roy er al., 2004; Keith et Al., 2004; Adams and Keith, 2006, Kirk/Davidoff and Keith, 2008; Barrie and Kirk-Davidoff , 2010; Wang and Prinn, 2010) And b) 06/25/2019 “Wind power and dry soils” causalities.
  9. the DLR Institute of Technical Thermodynamics has actually determined in model calculations that 5-6 billion insects per day perish at all German wind farms during the warm season (200 days from April to October): “Interactions of flying insects and wind farms” pdf download.
  10. WDR (TV) Doku “der Streit um die Windkraft” 10.10.2020 from 07:31 ff: Professor Christian- Friedrich Vahl from the University Hospital Mainz “Infraschall – Auswirkungen auf humane Muskeln”.

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