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Friends — all I an say about this is BRAVO to the Europeans with the balls to protect themselves and this Earth!!  When are people in America going to take a stand against this radiation assault?


In Europe, a 5G tower or piece of equipment is destroyed every week. The regime and media try to silence this fact but people eventually talk.

First of all, we need to understand that the criminals behind the 5G push don’t have insurance for the deadly products they try to force on us.

Insurers refuse to insure the wireless mafia and cover health risks linked to 5G

Insurance Underwriters Refuse to Cover Wireless Industry


5G wifi: A global health catastrophe in the making – Lloyds …

5G technology health problems: Lloyds and other insurers refuse to cover health claims caused by 5G wireless technologies

  • It means insurers know how deadly and harmful 5G is and won’t cover the wireless industry but won’t cover health claims against 5G as well. It happened before with big tobacco…

We are not naive, just have a look at the list of “partners” in crime of the World Economic Forum VERMIN and their ‘great reset’ sick agenda and you will find most global insurance companies listed (Lloyds Banking Group is one of them of course). They know perfectly what EMF/RF 5G radiations do to people’s bodies, they are part of the agenda, they help financing it.

  • It means, all the scumbags installing towers, the telecom and wireless assholes behind it (and the rotten politicians who allow it) are on their own. They can be sued big time.

Time to initiate lawsuits against the telecom industry & accomplices like those that exposed the tobacco, pharmaceutical, asbestos, chemical, and oil industries.

  • It might also means that if 5G infrastructure get destroyed, nobody is going to insure them…

Let that sink in, you won’t see what follow on lamestream media, but it is happening since two years all over the world, and mainly in Europe:


Sabotage! Rebels in France attack 5G

Rebels in France have declared war on the infrastructure of the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (a concept invented by the global criminal syndicates who want to enslave humanity with everything ‘digital’).

An ever-expanding resistance movement has been sabotaging the widely-hated 5G network.

Says a three-part report on the Reporterre website: “Relay antennae are being torched, fiber optic cables cut, pylons unbolted. During the night, people burn construction machinery, attack masts with disc cutters or destroy electrical equipment with sledgehammers”.

Vehicles belonging to telecommunications businesses have also been set on fire in at least 140 attacks since the start of the Covid repression, with the cost to the industry running into tens of millions of euros.


Here is a map of these actions, in France in 2021, but it is not limited to France, it’s happening in other European countries such as Germany Greece, Spain, the UK, and it continues in 2022 all over Europe.

We found that on an anarchist website, a diary of actions against the 5G infrastructure and other targets. We are not anarchists but when it comes to action, we support all those who put themselves at risk while others do nothing or so little.

Instead of long articles, let’s just see how it’s done and get inspired by the good work in Europe (wake the f… up America). In bold, the interesting methodologies used to destroy the 5G & surveillance networks:

For 2022:

11/1/22: Cars France: A tower on the site of the telecom transmitter in Cars caught fire on Monday, January 11, shortly after 9 pm. The fire brigade immediately went to the scene to contain the disaster.

25/7/22, Munich (Germany). Five trucks, five trailers and a construction company excavator are set on fire at its site used as a logistics and storage centre for several construction sites in the city, including the installation of optical fibre. 25 reels of fiber optic cables are also charred. The damage amounts to several million euros.

13/8, Nangis (France) In the Seine-et-Marne region, ten CCTV masts are shot down during the summer. In the only arrest of this series, three people will claim to be against video surveillance, and will take 6 and 8 months jail suspended sentence.

21/8, Saint-Martin-lez-Tatinghem (France). An Orange and Free relay antenna is sabotaged by removing the bolts at the base of the tower’s feet. Inclined to the first gust of wind, it is dismantled two days later by the operator. The same antenna had already been sabotaged in March 2020 and crashed on the ground three weeks after it was put into service.

28-31/8, Torcy (France) In Saône-et-Loire, seven of the city’s fifteen video surveillance cameras are destroyed within a few days, with stones or hammers, including that of the municipal police station.

30/8, Athens (Greece). Relay antenna fire in Paleo Psychiko.


18/9, Barcelona, Spain. Incendiary attack on a 5G relay antenna near Montjuic Park.

8-10/9, France– Pyrénées-Orientales – Internet subscribers are suffering cuts throughout the department as a result of fiber-optic sabotage.

10/9, Limoges (France) – After lifting plates on the sidewalks, unidentified men set fire to the cables near the electric transformers, cutting the power around 1am to all the video surveillance cameras in the Bastide district.

Knowing and understanding the enemy’s technology and points of failure


13/9, Toulouse (France) A pickup truck from the installation of Scopelec mobile phone antennas go up in smoke.

18/9, France– Gers department . An anarchist group announces having ransacked several antennas– relay in solidarity with the anarchists Ivan and Alfredo, as well as with «all the companions incarcerated or on the run.

Antennas and Remote Radios. Wire/bolt cutter, screwdriver, hammer, gunshot or fire?


23/9, France Quillan, the optical fiber passing along the regional train tracks is sabotaged.

5G TOWERS Ground-Level Components

23/9, France Entrelacs In Savoie, a 5G antenna of the operator Free is set on fire. Last June, it was the backhoe in charge of the latter’s work that had already gone up in smoke

25/9, Athens (Greece). Anarchists claim the fire of a vehicle of the telecommunications company OTE.

3/10, Paignton (England). In the Devon region, a 5G antenna is set on fire during the night.

How difficult is it to sabotage these cabinets, microcells and cut this pole? Very fragile indeed.


8/10, Herne/Berlin (Germany). Fiber optic cables from the GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communications- Rail) radio network are cut at two different locations along the tracks.

11/10, Leipzig (Germany). Incendiary devices are found on the property of the company Telekom: the first under a truck and another near a relay antenna.

11/10, Blagnac (France), the sabotage of a Free fiber optic cable at an access ramp to the A621 motorway, cuts the internet throughout the Gers department and beyond for 48 hours.

As we write, other sabotage actions against the evil infrastructure are taking place.

And you, what have you done lately?

This is a nutshell, of course lamestream media DO NOT report on the continuous destruction of the hated 5G infrastructure. The news in this matter are censored, distorted or simply forgotten. The authorities have no interest in seeing millions of young people emulating the heroes who tear down the 5G network.

And make no mistake it is not only anarchists who are destroying the hated 5G infra, everyday people, people who got sick because of 5G , people who know that government is there to hurt not to protect them, entire communities, even families are at it. After all, it is the life of their kids at stake.

Interestingly, and the article made in France explains it well with the interview of the anti 5G activists, the 5G infrastructure is extremely fragile and easy to destroy:

Burning towers, vehicles, infrastructure,  cutting cables, destroying cabinets, targeting companies, installers, unbolting pylons and towerssabotaging underground cables all of these work and your imagination is the limit.

You don’t even need to be a daredevil or a specialist, just to be cautious and have a minimum of common sense as explained in this document below which describes how to destroy a 5G tower (found on another anarchist website):


One of the conclusion of the activists interviewed in the article is that, contrary to demos, petitions, never ending lawsuits (where the poor fight both the super rich and the corrupt state), trying to escape, or standing the ass up with the head in the sand, sabotage works and send exactly the right message to our oppressors and the scumbags who cooperate with them (yes you asshole who bought a 5G phone & subscription) .

Tip given by ‘one of our readers, Terminator:

The top 10 CRIMINAL companies (TO TARGET) leading the 5G network market:


Nevertheless, let’s have a look at the other strategies to fight and to stop 5G:

1/ Don’t use, buy or help the spread of 5G

This is resistance 101. To fight 5G and stop its spread make it fail commercially. Don’t buy a 5G router, a 5G phone, don’t buy or use anything so-called ‘smart’ (from meters to wearables), inform your ignorant neighbors, friends and family about the dangers of 5G and the underlying surveillance and probable depopulation agenda.

Yes, enough morons will just use and buy it anyway because they want faster porn, gambling and gaming and don’t give a damn about anything except their little selves. The same morons who call you ‘conspiracy theorists’ when you inform them about the facts. When the 5G tower come down, these morons are left alone in their pants without internet access and that’s the beauty of sabotaging the network. They might even start to make children when the idiot box (TV) and the moronflix are gone to the detriment of the global ‘elite’ and their climate scam.

2/ Escape 5G (or try to)

Good luck with this one, unless you want to live in countries like Afghanistan, the Congo, Venezuela or Cuba. You’ve got to be very resourceful or rich to find a place where they are not planning to put 5G towers or relays. You might escape for a while until they plant one of these horrors down your garden.

Then you will have no choice but take it down!

Here are 3 maps of the current nightmare:

The world being ravaged by a cancer called 5G. See where to escape ?

The USA, soon in terminal phase

The suicide of Western Europe. We note that the only countries escaping this nightmare are those of the Russian sphere: Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Mongolia. It seems stupidity is more prevalent in the west?

We understand now why activists are destroying 5G towers at a rate of one per week in countries like France, while Americans cower at home like for the covid scam…


It looks OK in theory but unless you plan to never again to set foot outside of your 5G/EMF partially insulated home, you just mitigate the side effects without solving the problem and certainly don’t solve the surveillance issue.

Plenty of articles, websites and strategies to protect against EMF and 5G radiations. But again, it mitigate the risks and doesn’t solve the problems.


Protect Yourself From 5G Radiation

Electromagnetic Shielding and Protection

Is Grounding Good for You?

STOP 5G (comprehensive Swiss site in German & French)


Other links:

Harvard Ethics Department ebook, “Captured Agency: How the FCC Is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates”

Same as the FDA/CDC/EMA and other ‘regulators’ who are in fact front shops for the industry they supposedly regulate, as seen with the PLANDEMIC.


EMF Neutralizer Products have (allegedly) a device capable of blocking EMF radiations (smartphone, routers, etc…). We haven’t tested but good to know and try.

According to the reviewer:

The Aulterra Neutralizer
The signature product produced by Aulterra Global is called the Aulterra Neutralizer pictured on the right. It is a sticker made up of three micro-thin layers of rare activated earth elements. It is “a proprietary blend of activated paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements which neutralize the effect of manmade EMF exposure on human DNA by converting them into safe substances.”

Cell phone blockers & surveillance camera detectors/jammers

We wouldn’t recommend scumbags like the shop describe in this picture but blockers, jamers and detectors are easy to find.

Another thing in this nightmare, is that the benevolent ‘friends of the earth & humanity‘ who do all this because of ‘climate change’ and are philanthropists without any second thoughts are now sending hundreds and soon thousands of satellites to transform the planet into a gigantic electromagnetic rubbish discharge, and the world into a prison.

State Of The Nation has it:

They are literally killing US from space

On the evening of Thursday, December 8, 2022, OneWeb launched 40 satellites from Cape Canaveral, Florida, bringing the total number of active satellites in orbit around the Earth to more than 7,000. These cell towers in space are altering the electromagnetic environment of the entire planet and are debilitating and exterminating all life on it.

Even the first fleet of 28 military satellites launched by the United States caused a worldwide pandemic of influenza when they became operational on June 13, 1968. The Hong Kong flu began in June 1968, lasted through April 1970, and killed up to four million people worldwide.

On March 24-25, 2021, the chaos was brought to a new level, that the ‘world ‘now accepts as normal. In that 24-hour period, a record 96 satellites were launched into space on a single day—60 by SpaceX *and 36 by OneWeb—and on the same day SpaceX dramatically increased the speed of its satellite internet connections. On that day, people all over the world suddenly could not sleep, were weak and exhausted, had muscle spasms, and hurt and itched all over, especially in their feet and legs. They had skin rashes, were dizzy and nauseous, and had stomach aches and diarrhea. The ringing in their ears was suddenly amplified. Their eyes were inflamed, and their vision suddenly worsened. They had heart arrhythmias, and their blood pressure went out of control. Some had nosebleeds, or coughed up blood. They were anxious, depressed or suicidal, and irritable. Their cats, dogs, chickens, goats and cows were sick at the same time.

SpaceX If you still think Elon Musk is a good guy who bought Twitter to reinstate free speech, think again…

So, where will you escape when the sky is covered by spy and killer satellites sending radiations day and night in all ‘corners’ of the planet as if you were inside a fully powered microwave oven?

Still, these satellites are just pieces of metal junk without the equipment on the ground, which are easy accessible and very fragile. This is where we can make their colossal investments come to dust.

But it won’t happen in your sleep…

4/ Community fights and lawsuits to stop 5G

How responsible and sensible communities (a tiny minority as usual) fight back and win against the Telecom mafia and their corrupt political accomplices.

Fighting 5G means reassembling, lobbying and often fighting against corrupt politicians to get rid of this scourge.

These examples show that aware, responsible and courageous citizen can defeat the 5G agenda:

Lakeland wins lawsuit over proposed Ariana Street cell tower

Neighbors object to 5G tower plans

neighbors-object-to-5g-tower-plans pdf

Hallandale Beach Florida Passes 5G Small Cell Tower Resolution

How to oppose 5G “small cell” towers

how-to-oppose-5g-small-cell-towers– PDF to Download

UK  5G Precaution and Protection Dec. 13, 2022 High Court Judicial Review Proceedings

Parents who won legal fight against 5G mast prepare for round two

Yes, they even put them in our schools, hospitals and other normally protected areas. it shows how much your government loves you and care about your health.

So people are fighting, all over the world, each in his own way and with his own means, while you were sleeping. There is no fatality and history is never written, the corrupt media and politicians want you to be hopeless and give-up before even starting the fight. This is what most have done since 2020, surrender without a fight.

What will they tell their kids and grandchildren who will ask what they did to fight the global coup?

We can’t do more than doing our part in this war, everyday is a battle and everyday not fighting is a lost one. We can’t do more than showing you what is done elsewhere, that is is possible and how to do it.

Now it’s up to you.

And you, what have you done lately?

Documents and studies:




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