Why Flying is a Bad Idea

A bit of humor and seriousness from Claire Edwards


OMG! Aeroplane toilets are full of coronavirus! 

And 10 real reasons not to fly any more.

There is an online rag called The Conversation, which is Soros-funded, and I derive much amusement from following their email newsletter subject lines.  I do wish I had made a collection of them all over the last several years because they show you the whole Great Reset agenda.  They shepherd the stupid along every step of the way, explaining, as made-up examples, why we should believe in climate change, why we should hate the Russians, why Zelensky is a hero, why social crediting is great, why black lives matter, why we need digital currency, and so on and so forth.
Today’s little gem is that “Aeroplane toilets are full of coronavirus!”.  OMG!  Panic!  I don’t EVER wanna fly again if aeroplane toilets are full of coronavirus!  And actually, that’s good for Gaia anyway if I don’t fly, with all this global warming going on, isn’t it?
I haven’t flown for years, but my reasons are real and concerning.  Here they are:
  1.  I don’t want to be treated like a t’rist (quote from George Bush, Jr.) every time I step into an airport.  I don’t want to have to take off my shoes, coat and belt or be searched.  I don’t want to have my drink confiscated to force me to buy more at the boarding gate or on board. I don’t want my tweezers or knitting needles confiscated. I don’t want to be ordered around by thick “security” staff who act and address you like prison guards.  I don’t want to be herded around.  And I don’t want to be thrown out of the airport (twice) for refusing to damage my DNA in the airport scanner and have to pay 600 euros to get home from the UK to Europe by train.
  1.  Most airport “security” all over the world is run by a company run by Mossad.  Remember Boston Logan airport where the t’rists got on board to fly to New York with their box cutters, leaving that car in the car park with a big arrow above it, saying “Find t’rist flying manuals here” and inside there was a Koran and a flying manual to teach t’rists how to fly planes into buildings in 10 easy steps?  And you wondered how airport “security” could have missed these obvious t’rists?  Well, they didn’t.  Airport “security” was being run by Mossad and the t’rists by the CIA (SOP).  And in fact, a quick perusal of all the airports where there has been a t’rist incident or from which a subsequently downed aircraft originated, are all provided with “security” by Mossad.
  1.  I don’t want to have my iris scanned.  Last time I flew, which was a number of years ago now, at Heathrow airport in London, there were security cameras on the walls and they had flashing lights underneath.  “Funny”, I thought.  “Usually those cameras are unobtrusive.  They don’t want you to know that they are observing you.”  When I got home I checked it out.  Those cameras are “iris-at-a-distance scanners”.  They need to draw your attention so that you look up and your iris can be scanned.  Last time I flew through Heathrow, you were forced to submit to an iris scanner so that they have a record of your iris so that you can in future be identified, and – one may reasonably assume – harmed.
  1.  I don’t want to damage my DNA by stepping into a millimetre-wave airport scanner, which have never been tested for health or safety (of course, just like every other novel technology and vaxxine).  They were brought to market by a guy who was heavily implicated in the Project for a New American Century 9/11 American-government-orchestrated t’rist incident.
  1.  I don’t want to be forced to take a “covid” test, or any other invasive test that delivers nano particles and theragrippers into my brain.
  2. I don’t want to be forced to wear a mask that prevents me breathing.  Unlike many other people who seem to manage to dispense with it quite happily, I’ve always found breathing rather indispensable.
And all that is before I actually get on any aircraft.  Apart from these minor concerns, I don’t have any fear of flying because I figure if the aircraft goes down, you’re very quickly dead so there’s no point in worrying about it.  A fellow passenger was terribly put out one time when I got on the aircraft wielding an article about aircraft crashes.  Doesn’t bother me.  Flying was statistically the safest form of travel before Mossad and the Davos crowd got involved.  But these days, if I were to get on an aircraft, there would be at least three other major concerns.
  1.  I don’t want to be sitting in high-intensity WiFi.  In October 2018, there were five incidents where almost every passenger suddenly got “flu” and ambulances were called to meet the aircraft, while some of the planes were diverted for an emergency landing.  Once the passengers landed, their “flu” almost instantly dissipated and they all went merrily on their way (or perhaps they staggered away – posterity does not record this).  The fact is that the cylindrical shape and metal fuselage of an aircraft is just perfect for maximising the number of times electromagnetic waves can bounce off your body.  And it is well known that the symptoms of exposure to electromagnetic radiation mimic those of influenza.  I looked into why it could be that all those planes could suddenly have been irradiating all the passengers like that and found that at least one of the airlines in question had just replaced their Internet-from-the-ground systems with those that enabled a direct connection to brand new Internet-providing satellites, which suddenly  meant that every passenger could sit downloading films for the whole flight, something that had not previously been possible.  And hey presto! they were all heavily irradiated.  I haven’t heard of more such incidents since, so the airlines must have taken note and done something to ensure no repetition of such incidents.
  1.  I don’t want my life terminated by sitting adjacent to a public access point in the luggage bin within centimetres of my head.  I retired early from the UN because of the ubiquitous installation on our office ceilings of public access points, which are very powerful routers, exponentially more powerful than any home router since, as their name suggests, they are intended to provide Internet access to large numbers of people at the same time.  They are commonly installed in school classrooms and irradiate all the children, damaging their brains, their health and making them sterile.  The parents all seem quite happy about that since they never react when I tell them about it, and indeed seem eager to expose their children at home to WiFi routers.  At around the same time that all those passengers were catching “flu” simultaneously, there were reports of mysterious individual deaths of healthy people on long haul flights.  Nice.  Death by flying or death by irradiation?  Let’s not forget WiFi is a weapon first and foremost.
  1.  I don’t want to breathe air that passes through the jet engine and becomes neurologically toxic.  There are ongoing campaigns by injured air crew over toxic air in aircraft.  Airlines used to circulate fresh air in cabins until they realised they could save money by limiting the amount of air they use, recycling it, and using the same air to run through the jet engines.  Yummy!
  1.  I don’t want to fly in an aircraft when there is a very high likelihood that both the pilots have been vaxxed and might have a stroke or a heart attack or just die.  There have been many dangerous incidents of pilots dying or having strokes or heart attacks since they were forced to take the vax, but the mainstream media are not highlighting them.  The EKGs of pilots post-vax are so bad that the US Federal Aviation Administration has just relaxed the medical examination rules so that pilots can pass their annual medical, and the FAA can thereby cover up the problem and ensure that there are enough pilots to keep flying the aircraft currently in service.  An airliner just crashed in Nepal, killing everyone on board.  How long will it be be before one goes down into a major Western city?  Oh, well, at least The Little Grater Thunberg would be celebrating if everyone stopped flying as a result.
So there we are!  This news about there being coronavirus in toilets might put some people off flying, but not me because no virus has ever been isolated so I don’t concern myself with fanciful threats cooked up by George Soros et al.   No, what concerns me about flying are the very real and verified risks now associated with it.  In my view, anyone stepping onto an aircraft is taking their life in their hands.  Do you fancy sitting among a couple of hundred people all downloading from the Internet simultaneously?  “It cooks your eyes!“, Deborah Tavares warned us in terrifying tones at the beginning of “5G Apocalypse”.  Yeah, she’s right,  it does.  But that’s the least of your worries if you choose to continue to fly in these weird times when your destination is more likely to be Death than Dubai.
Bon voyage and adieu!

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