What We Can Do to Clear our Homes and Bodies of Radiation and Heavy Metals

Dear friends – I am sharing the following information in the hopes of helping people learn how we can help ourselves deal with this radiation assault and how we can detox radiation and heavy metals from our bodies.

Metals are actually conductors of electricity and their presence in our bodies makes our bodies more receptive to RF/EMF/microwave frequencies. This is one of the reasons why the metals we are breathing in from chemtrails, or having injected into our bodies through vaccines or other pharmaceuitcals, are such a huge issue. Also, the metals in our teeth are a huge issue.  They absolutely should be removed.

It is important to recognize also that our houses may be conductive as well. Many homes are built with metal. Hopefully, people will begin to see what a huge mistake this is and the homes of the future will be built with healthy, ecologically sound materials instead.

Mattresses, too, are often made with metal coils — a definite no no if you are EMF/microwave sensitive. I, myself, have been sleeping on foam mattresses instead, which I bought used so they would not off-gas a bunch of toxic chemicals into my home.

Sleeping in a metal free environment is essential for those who are EMF/microwave sensitive. We just need to take the extra effort to clean up our environment, one step at a time, and things will get better.

I know when I began feeling ill, I felt a sense of hopelessness and despair. I did not know where to begin to help myself or how I could get better. When I realized an “opt-out” digital meter had been installed on our home and we were all being exposed to microwave radiation 24/7 as a result, I felt a tremendous sense of doom. It took me about 7 or 8 weeks to finally get the utility company to remove that genocidal, toxic device and since then, my health has gradually improved. You can read some of my story here and here.

Several other things had to take place in order for my healing to unfold. THE WIFI ROUTER IN MY HOME ABSOLUTELY NEEDED TO BE TURNED OFF AND UNPLUGGED. I discovered the seriousness of what was being emitted from that device once I purchased an EMF/Radiation meter and could see that radiation levels were in the red and more than the meter could count. This was true even after I covered the WIFI router with EMF protection fabric twice. It makes no sense that WIFI routers are blasting that kind of radiation into our homes. It is completely unnecessary and it is harmful.

Anyway, here is the EMF/radiation meter I bought and here is the fabric I bought for shielding the router.

All internet service in our home is now ethernet wired. This task was actually much easier than I had expected. I purchased devices that enabled me to avoid running ethernet cables all through my home, and instead, run the internet service through the electrical wiring of the house. These are the devices I bought. They come in pairs. One device you plug into the cable modem in your house with the other end of the cord going into a grounded electrical outlet nearby. This brings the internet connection through the electrical wiring of the house. After you do this, then you plug the other device into a grounded electrical outlet in what ever room you want to work in with whatever device you want to use. Voila! You can now turn your WIFI OFF and you will still have excellent, uninterrupted internet service. I had to purchase a few extra devices like an ethernet adapter for my MAC computer (Can you believe they make computers without ethernet ports???? Outrageous!) I had to also purchase ethernet cables so they would be as long as I needed. Also I bought an ethernet splitter which provides me with several additional ethernet outlets should I choose to add more ethernet cables from the modem to any part of my house.

Other things to change in the house include getting rid of the dect cordless phones which are pumping 2.4 BILLION HERTZ of microwave radiation into our homes 24/7. At the very least, the parent base of the phone system needs to be unplugged at night. You can replace these with the older 900 MHz (only 900 million hertz) cordless phones if necessary, or simply get a CORDED phone.

What a concept.

Same thing goes for cordless printers (off the charts in terms radiation) and wireless alarm systems and basically any cordless or smart devices you have in your home. My advice – get them all out now before people in your house get sick. When they power up this grid to 5G (up to 90 BILLION HERTZ), many, many people and children and pets (and critters of all kinds) are going to get sick and die. If you are motivated enough to try to stop this assault, then you should do that. If you are not quite that motivated to become an activist, then at least take the steps necessary to protect yourself and your family and clean up your home because if you don’t, things could get very bad very quickly. If you have children in schools with wifi, know that they are in extreme danger and make a fuss about it with the schools!  FIGHT FOR THE LIVES OF  YOUR CHILDREN!  THEY SHOULD NOT BE EXPOSED TO RADIATION.  PERIOD.  If you are going to libraries that have wifi (and probably smart meters as well), know that these buildings are often IN THE RED in terms of radiation danger. I recommend purchasing an EMF/radiation meter for yourself so you can see what is going on in your environment and help to alert others to the danger.

Firefighters and police officers are in extreme danger as towers and antennas are going up directly on top of their buildings or right next to them. I recently received information about firefighters in California who were becoming mentally confused, unstable, and sick as a result of radiation exposure from cell towers, transmitters and antennas. These once powerful, strong, healthy men were suddenly getting lost in their own neighborhoods – neighborhoods where they had been living for decades.

Brain damage and cognitive decline are definitely side effects of microwave radiation poisoning. This is partially because artificial radiation has the capacity to perforate and open the blood brain barrier and partially because it destroys brain cells, among many other serious issues.

Please warn your friends and family about this in case they might know a police officer or firefighter who is being exposed. Warn everyone you know. Of course, it goes without saying, that anyone involved in working for the utilities or communications industry, especially those who are putting up the towers and antennas or installing smart meters, are in great danger at this time.  They are being blatantly lied to about the alleged safety of these technologies when nothing could be further from The Truth.

Please alert people to this fact and encourage them to visit this website for more information.

If you have found this information helpful, please also consider making a donation to help me sustain my life and maintain this website so I can keep the information coming.


Below is info regarding products that may help you detox radiation and heavy metals from your body. More info on this will be forthcoming.

Please do not take the following as medical advice. I am simply sharing what I am doing to help myself in the hopes that by sharing this, it will help others too.

All the best to you and yours.




Drink Fiji or Volvic Water for 13 weeks as per this article to detox aluminum from the brain.


After doing the mineral water protocol, drink distilled water for about 6 weeks to pull toxins out of the body. I do not recommend drinking distilled water for the long term because it is dead water and cannot help with the regeneration and renewal of cells. We need LIVING water to regenerate our bodies. See this book for more information on that. But drinking distilled water for the short term can help with detoxing.


Take iodine according to your body’s comfort and need. I take a few drops a day. Some people take much more. Start slowly and see how you feel. I use this type of iodine. I also try to eat alot of seaweed.


Pyrophillie clay (otherwise called “sacred clay“) to pull radiation and metals out of the body and replenish the body with minerals. I take it internally once or twice a week and put it in a bath at least twice a week. Some people prefer bentonite clay.


Modifilan (brown seaweed). I get mine from Russia. Here’s the link. Modifilan is protective against radiation damage.


Aloe Vera Juice. I use George’s Aloe Vera.


Restore – to help correct mitochondrial damage and heal gut/digestive issues and more. Please visit this link and write to Sofia to ask about her “friends and family” package. Tell her I sent you!


Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis, Bee Pollen, Organic Honey. Local is best.


Zeolites to pull radiation and metals out of the body.


CLEAN chlorella to help pull metals out of the body.


Rosemary essential oil used topically to help heal brain cells that may have been damaged by radiation.  I normally swipe some coconut oil across my forehead or the base of my skull first, then swipe essential oil across the same area.  Putting essential oils directly on the skin without a carrier oil is a no no.  Always use a carrier oil like organic coconut, jojoba, or olive oil before putting essential oils on the skin.


I also work with Dr. Robert Morse’s herbal tinctures and in particular, I think it is important at this time to detox the blood, the lymph system, and the kidneys. Dr. Morse also makes an herbal tincture called “no-glo” which is specifically for clearing radiation from the body. At this moment (5/1/18) it is on sale for $15, reduced from $25. You need to become a member of his health club in order to buy his herbs. Membership costs $10 and it is a lifetime membership. Sign up here. He makes excellent products.


Radiation detox baths — at least 2x per week.  I put epsom salts (2 lbs), pyrophillite clay, sea salt, baking soda and essential oils into the tub.  Make the water as hot as you can stand it and stay in the tub for about 30 minutes.  Avoid washing the sea salt and clay off your body for about 4 hours if possible as they will continue to pull toxins out of your body after you get out of the tub.


Hope this helps!

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