DNA Damage, Cancer, Severe Genetic Harm to Children caused by Microwave Radiation, Wifi and Ultrasound

Please keep in mind as you read the information below that ultrasonic irradiation also causes severe cellular and DNA damage. It causes chromosomal aberrations, disruptions in mitochondrial metabolism and mitochondrial DNA, damage to nuclear DNA, disruptions in cell division, and it even deactivates genetic information contained in DNA. All of this and more is outlined in my forthcoming book, “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound.”


Our children are being exposed to MASSIVE amounts of manmade radiation from the time they are in the womb. ALL forms of manmade radiation are HARMFUL. There is no doubt we are going to be seeing serious issues with fertility in the children born after 1990, with increasing instances for the children born later. Cancer, tumors, hearing loss, autism and other serious neurological and developmental disorders, growth retardation, heart problems, etc. – these are just a few of the many disorders and diseases that our children are likely to suffer due to radiation exposure.


Prenatal ultrasound IS radiation. It is being used and abused by the medical establishment and it is condemning our children to genetic, immunological, and reproductive harm. Ultrasound combined with years of exposure to wifi, baby monitors, smart meters, cell phones, cell towers, microwave ovens, etc. means that the children of the future will barely have a chance for survival because of what we have allowed to happen to them. We need to get on this topic now or entire genetic bloodlines are going to be wiped out.


Let me also state that I feel RAGE toward the sadistic, psychopathic medical science community that has, for at least 10 decades, imprisoned, tortured, maimed, mutilated, repeatedly irradiated, and satanically sacrificed BILLIONS of helpless, innocent animals that do not have a voice. These disgusting, despicable cowards pick on the tiniest, most vulnerable creatures and for no reason other than sadistic pleasure, they inflict misery and harm on millions. I have ZERO respect for what these satanists/scientists do and in fact, I think they all belong in prison where they should be treated in the exact same way they have treated the animals. The picture below is what triggered this comment and after nearly 5 years of researching ultrasound and reading thousands of studies that contain detailed explanations of the torture of animals, I have had enough. The people responsible for this evil need to be extinguished from our realm.


As you read the information below please know that everything that is being said about microwave radiation and wireless communications also applies to ultrasound. They have known that manmade radiation causes genetic, reproductive, and cognitive damage for at least 60 years, and still, they continue to torture animals and expose developing babies to this toxicity. Trusting this evil medical/science/radiation cabal and allowing our children to be exposed to their toxic technologies is one of the most serious mistakes we could have ever made.


The information below comes from www.wi-cancer.info which is an amazing resource regarding the dangers of wifi and all radiation-emitting technologies. Full credit for what appears below goes to Amy Worthington at www.wi-cancer.info.


In 2004, the European Union’s REFLEX studies produced comprehensive medical research showing that low-level, non-thermal microwave radiation used for wireless communication and entertainment produces the same drastic damage to animal and human DNA as excessive X-radiation.


REFLEX scientists proved that Wi-radiation is just as deadly to human DNA as the meltdown radiation from Chernobyl and Fukushima.


DNA damage demonstrated by the REFLEX studies is a pathological condition in which the DNA splinters into fragments called micronuclei, seen as a molecular comet tail. Micronuclei damage to DNA is recognized as a definitive precursor of cancer and numerous genetic defects.


The REFLEX chart seen above shows normal, intact DNA in the sham photo upper left. It shows DNA damaged (micronucleized) by 1600 chest X-rays in the upper right. The picture at the bottom shows identical DNA damage from 3-G (UMTS) cell phone radiation propagated at 1.8 gigahertz for 24 hours. [46] We can plainly see that the wireless microwave damage generated by tower antennas and Wi-devices is identical to the ionizing X-ray damage. Many additional studies concur that microwave radiation used for Wi-communications not only damages the DNA, but also inhibits crucial repair of that damage. [47] Because the DNA contains chromosomes and genes, it is genetic material. And because RF/microwave radiation can genetically modify the DNA of all living things, Wi-irradiated populations can be technically referred to as GMOs (genetically modified organisms).


The American Cancer Society states that cancer cells develop from damage to the DNA. The National Cancer Institute defines cancer as cells that grow uncontrollably after the DNA becomes damaged. [48]


♦ Microwave currents flowing through a pregnant woman infiltrate uterine amniotic fluids with radiation documented to damage DNA. [49]


♦ Radiation which damages DNA is a teratogen, capable of causing: miscarriage, embryo growth retardation, premature birth, low birth weight (a major problem in USA), cognitive dysfunction, delayed development in infants and many types of birth defects. [50]


♦ Especially vulnerable to wireless radiation are the precious fetal stem cells which cannot adjust to microwave abuse, nor can they repair damage to their DNA. Recent data suggests that epigenetic mutations in stem cells have a connection to the development of human cancers. [51]


♦ Fetuses exposed to any kind of radiation capable of damaging DNA have a highly increased risk of later developing cancer, [52] the number one disease killer of US children.


Therefore, the Russian government and numerous scientists in the West warn pregnant women to avoid exposure to microwave radiation. [53] Yet, millions of young American women remain in willful ignorance about a pernicious, mechanical energy force that has life-and-death ramifications for their offspring. Perverse is a generation that believes wireless Internet surfing, text messages, social media and selfies are more important than the health and safety of unborn babies.




Wi-Fi is a microwave modulation technique used by millions of people to wirelessly connect their computers and mobile devices to the Internet. Wi-Fi radiation has never been proven safe for human exposure. Radiation peddlers adore Wi-Fi because it is a lucrative and unregulated technology. Anyone anywhere can activate Wi-Fi antennas and remain exempt from regulatory oversight. Most buildings in the USA are now heavily polluted by Wi-Fi antennas, which expose people to even higher levels of microwave energy than cell towers outdoors. Modulated, information-bearing Wi-Fi pollution flows through human flesh as the VOLTAGE OF CANCER in these microwave frequencies: 2.4, 3.6, 4.9, 5 and 5.9 gigahertz. The 60 gigahertz (millimeter wave) Wi-Fi is coming.


Wi-Fi radiation is Group 1A carcinogen and therefore a substantial threat to public health, as documented in 2017 by Dr. Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus at Washington State University. LINK


Yet, Wi-Fi antennas poison the interior of nearly every US building, public and private. Tasteless, odorless and impossible to see or hear without metering equipment, Wi-Fi radiation: abnormally clumps red blood cells, opens the blood-brain barrier to toxins and pathogens, kills human immune cells, stresses the entire endocrine system and raises the risk for diabetes.


Audio detection equipment demonstrates that Wi-Fi transmissions have the sound signature of relentless humming static, while the underlying Wi-Fi beacon signal mimics a woodpecker sound. Wi-Fi microwaves whipsaw the polarity of human tissues at even higher frequencies than the 1.8 gigahertz cell phone radiation used to obliterate human DNA in the REFLEX studies. The disease-causing potential of Wi-Fi radiation is astronomical and well-documented by medical and scientific literature spanning decades.


♦ By 1972, the Naval Medical Research Institute at Bethesda, Maryland, had compiled over 2000 medical and scientific studies documenting the many health-destructive effects of RF/microwave radiation generated at both thermal (tissue-heating) and non-thermal power levels. So immense was this collection that the studies were cataloged into 17 categories of morbidity. [54]


♦ In 1992, Phillips Laboratory’s Electromagnetic Effects Division at Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico released a comprehensive report documenting the horrific biological effects of low-level microwave exposure including: brain damage, behavioral aberrations, fetal abnormalities, altered blood chemistry and immune system dysfunction. [55]


♦ In 1993, FDA officials authored a memo stating that animal studies “strongly suggest” that microwaves can “accelerate the development of cancer.” Top FDA officials wrote: “Of eight chronic animal experiments known to us, five resulted in increased number of malignancies, accelerated progression of tumors, or both.” [56]


Wi-Fi radiation in the gigahertz range is especially carcinogenic. In the 1980s, the US Air Force spent $4.5 million to study test rats irradiated with 2.45 gigahertz radiation at low, non-thermal levels. [57] Compared to non-exposed rats, the irradiated rats suffered:


16% more benign tumors

100% more metastatic tumors (cancer had spread)

260% more primary malignant tumors

A significant number of these irradiated rats developed endocrine tumors. Other researchers of that era showed that 2.45 gigahertz caused cancer-prone mice to suffer a 41% increase in tumors and a highly significant 12.5% increase in chromosome damage to bone marrow and blood. [58] Later in the 1990s, researchers at the University of Washington used low-level 2.45 gigahertz to damage the brains of rats and rip apart their DNA. [59]


Within the last twenty years, scores of additional new studies have confirmed the destructive properties of gigahertz Wi-Fi radiation which can interfere with all cellular processes and: cause abnormal heart function [60] induce seizures [61] form eye cataracts [62] promote pregnancy abnormalities [63] cause fetal malformations and disabilities, including reduced memory and learning capacity [64] initiate new cancers while accelerating the growth of existing cancers. [65]


Unfortunately, this scientific reality is an inconvenience which the US business community, the US medical establishment and the US military will not officially acknowledge. Wi-Fi is deemed necessary for unlimited profits and for unlimited tracking and mass surveillance of the population. Therefore, prolific scientific and medical evidence demonstrating the dangers of Wi-radiation has been ignored and suppressed by vested interests. Human health is considered expendable in the relentless quest for the wealth and power delivered by Wi-technologies.


Americans enjoyed the Internet long before they had access to Wi-Fi. This Wi-Cancer.info website is managed with computers which do not use Wi-Fi, but instead, rely on cabled Ethernet connections. Those who conduct research for this site work in buildings completely free of indoor microwave radiation. We are hoping that millions of others will join us in the movement for healthy, cabled Internet as people become better informed about the VOLTAGE OF CANCER.


Because Wi-Fi is completely unregulated and because proper health warnings are not required by law, millions of trusting Americans submit to Wi-Fi poisoning without question. In a nation deeply concerned about the safety of nearly everything, it is ironically legal for Wi-Fi fanatics to bombard their customers, patients and neighbors (even against their will) with wave pollution documented in myriad scientific studies to be a confirmed human carcinogen!

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