Why And How To Stop 5G: Replacing Wireless With Something Better

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Last Sunday Dr. Martin Pall explained why and how the radiation produced by wireless technology is extremely harmful to living organisms. Human biology is damaged by it, but so are animals, birds, insects, even plants and trees. This information, which has been carefully excluded from the mainstream media, is vital for the public to understand. In the corporate world of telecommunications and all of the industries allied with it, the motive seems to be money and power. Corrupt government officials are apparently happy to cooperate. But at higher levels in the global power structure that are doing what they can to destroy America and the rest of the world, it has nothing to do with money.

Understanding why and how wireless radiation destroys biological systems is important in providing the motivation to look for ways to get rid of it, so the biosphere can have a chance to recover. The next question naturally is how to do that, considering the collusion of government and industry to install wireless technology everywhere. They are using the selling point that it is all for our convenience and prosperity, which is the opposite of the truth.

Sunday’s guest, who wants to be known as “Paul G.,” for security reasons, has had some important success at stopping the installation of wireless infrastructure at the local level. His experience is an example of what could be done almost anywhere. He explains that the key is to use the correct strategy with city and county governments that are telling residents there is no way to stop the universal buildout of “5G.” What exactly is 5G, and what are the details of what has to be done to stop it, so the disastrous biological effects described by last week’s guest do not happen? This is what we are going to be talking about on Sunday’s show. The information will be of interest to you, especially if you are interested in stopping the installation of 5G where you live.

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12 thoughts on “LEARN HOW TO STOP 5G IN YOUR AREA”

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  2. Are there instances of 5g being removed from towns or cities? If so, what steps were taken? Also, I am very ignorant when it comes to politics and the process of changing policies. How specifically could I effectively convince members of the city council that 5g is bad? I would like to believe that my voice, my opinions, and my presentation would sway city council members into getting 5g technology removed but it seems unlikely that they would take heed to my advice since I have no influence nor do I have high social status. Thank you for the knowledge

    1. Aj – cell towers have been removed from certain places but I am not sure what is required to actually get the city council to respond. Many of them bought-and-paid for, so this is an issue. And I imagine it would require a group of dedicated and educated people to keep hammering at the city council until they do the right thing. But I am not an expert on this. I recommend you do research to discover your answer and wish you the best with this endeavor.

  3. New 5G.
    Upgrade equipment is being installed at a (Grade 2 listed) water tower in Osborne Road, New Milton, Hants, U.K.
    MBN! Is installing in collaboration between EE and Hutchinson 3G UK.
    Consultation ends 8 May 2020, decision 21 May .

    Information from Lymington Times 17.4.20

  4. I’ve already been conned j to smart meters, being told that the government say we must all have them, and as soon as you get them your bills go up for some reason your site won’t e celt my e mail address Dibly@uwclub.net

    1. Zhena – you have to get involved in your local area. Collect information on the dangers of 5G and present it to your local council and/or town supervisor. Make calls to the power company and tell them they are going to be held liable if a 5G transmitter goes in anywhere near your house. Post flyers around town to alert people. Check out http://www.InPowerMovement.org for a lawful framework with which to hold the people that allow this to happen liable for the damage. Google “how to stop 5G” and read, listen, and learn what others are doing. Good luck!

          1. or they blocked you because they know we are all against this 5G that will cause serious brain damage, cancer, and death. They’ve already started censoring conspiracy theorists off the internet about this. Get ready guys,

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