We Are the Evidence! – David’s Mom Has Microwave Illness That Led to Heart Attack – VIDEO

Dafna Tachover & David


I was going to give the speech I did for 4H but it was judged as too scary so I decided to make copies for you to take home. I’m standing here tonight because my mom has microwave illness and it has truly been a scary ride. I know from personal experience that many people don’t believe, I see it with our own family. What I am going to try to do with the help of my mom and dad is prove to you that you are being affected, every day, 24/7. Feel free to talk with my parents later. My dad who is an electrician can show how you are affected with a simple experiment later using a voltometer..

(The HF38B meter was discussed prior to his speech and he mentions this during his talk, skipping this paragraph.)

Right now I am going to let you hear the microwaves we are being exposed to with this meter called an HF 38B Analyser. It can measure from 800 megahertz to 2.5 gigahertz which means it can track cell phones, cell towers, smart meters etc. I want to impress upon you that the radiation this meter is picking up is what is going right through your body right now, and it is not healthy.

What became a turning point in my mom’s growing health issues occurred when mom ended up in the ER for a heart attack. I was scared to death looking at her on the ground. I don’t like to think of it. After going through the cardiologists tests my mom was told that nothing was wrong with her, that her heart was stronger than the average person! This made my parents upset, because they had been going to a lot of doctors and had been getting the same response. We knew she was not well, and it was getting worse. My dad who had worked for the Dresden nuclear facility then took a step back and looked at the big picture realizing that mom was showing signs of radiation sickness. He immediately took action…

A professional was hired to come to our home. He brought cases of really cool equipment and he checked our home inside and out. We got rid of the cordless phones, microwave, wifi and kept our cell phones off, the pro also found a ton of dirty electricity coming in through our water line. He did what he could but unfortunately it was not enough for my mom’s sake. Our neighborhood had just had smart meters deployed and though we refused one our neighbor’s meter which was facing our home was blowing pulsed radiation right through us every 8 to 10 seconds 24/7! The pro also showed us the readings coming from the cell towers surrounding us, and to top it off we were a block away from the high line wires.

Just to make it bearable for my mom until we found a place my dad bought foil backed insulation boards and we made the most awesome forts to live in. My friend Charlie loved it.

I shared this story not because I want people to feel sorry for me, they should feel sorry for the ones who like my mom are misdiagnosed.

We are now looking at moving to Idaho where my mom will be able to go outside ALL day in a far more healthy environment for us all. I am excited and so is my dad. We are a family that knows the truth, regardless of those who do not believe us, we know, and we’ll keep informing those who’ll heed our warning, for WE ARE THE EVIDENCE.

Thank you.


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