What on Earth is Going On? Claire Edwards Reveals the Facts.

For those who are ready to know The Truth about what is really going on on this planet at this time, this video is extremely important. Claire Edwards has uncovered some of the most important information to date especially concerning the Plannedemic. Please help spread this information far and wide.



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  1. The Smart Meters have a second embedded antennae that I believe is on a frequency of between 2-5GHz. It is not the antennae used to communicate energy use.

    The satellite directed beam of microwave energy requires an antennae to connect to. It could be that the satellites phased array is on the frequency of the Smart Meters. The 4G and 5G cell towers would also have an antennae for this frequency.
    A 1978-1980 NASA/DOE ”project” investigated harvesting the sun with a low earth orbit geostationary satellite and directing the energy back to earth as a beam of microwave radiation on a frequency of 2.45GHz. The on ground density is 23 000 uW/cm2 max and spread over a 12km square area. If this connects with the Smart Meter, this explains the surge of electrical energy throughout the electrical system of the house, essentially destroying it. The 1980 project document states the technology could be militarised. This was around the time L Rockefeller was working with the CIA on secret space projects. From memory Robert Gates was head of the CIA a bit later than this. The reference for one of these documents is NASA/DOE CR166661. This is also around the time the CIA classified studies on the biological effects of microwave radiation. mmWave was shown to be highly biologically active. The studies were classified for 35 years from around 1973 but are now available.

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