Are Wireless Devices Really Safe?

Dear friends – I am pleased to announce the publication of my third book, Are Wireless Devices Really Safe, which you can find on Amazon here in both paperback and kindle edition. A PDF version of the book is also available by clicking on the Buy Now button below.


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Please note, much of the information in this book has been excerpted from my recently published book, “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation” in which I expose the untold harm being caused by fetal ultrasound and the fact that ultrasound is radiation—specifically what medical science refers to as “non-ionizing” radiation. Wireless devices, too, are emitting non-ionizing radiation and although we are repeatedly told that these devices are safe, in Truth, they are harmful to all living things.

Because of the information that I uncovered during the writing of my ultrasound book (especially as regards the dangers of non-ionizing radiation), I decided to devote the last chapter of that book to the topic of wireless technologies. That chapter turned out to be more than 100 pages long and involved several hundred hours of focused research and writing to complete. Nonetheless, despite the effort I put into writing that chapter, for the past several months I have had the nagging feeling that not enough people will gain access to the information. This is because, based on the book’s title, I imagine most people will think the ultrasound book is only about ultrasound and will not suspect that the book also contains information about wireless devices.

Accordingly, I have decided to create a totally separate book that contains, in large part, the information from the last chapter of my ultrasound book. If you already purchased my ultrasound book, you do not need to purchase this new one since you already have most of this material in your possession. However, this new volume has been updated with important additional material, including information about the explicit danger now imminent to the children, insects, birds, and animals, as well as commentary on the link between wireless radiation, 5G, and the so-called “coronavirus” or “COVID-19.” This new book is being distributed at very low cost since much of the information has already been published and because I want as many people as possible to be able to access the information.

Although awareness about the dangers of wireless technologies is growing, it is a rare person indeed that uses wired internet connections in their home and is willing to move through their day without a cell phone or other wireless gadget attached to him/her in some way. Sadly, our attachment to these devices is causing our Earth to be bathed in a sea of radiation-emitting frequencies that are not only alien to the planet, but potentially deadly to all living things. Due to increasing cell tower density, combined with our own personal use of cell phones, cordless phones, wifi devices, baby monitors, bluetooth devices, smart TVs, Alexa devices, smart appliances, satellites, and more, our world is now awash in a sea of microwave radiation that is bringing living systems to the point of collapse. It is imperative for people to learn the facts so that we can protect ourselves and our children.

Feel free to take a look inside the book through the Amazon link and see if this is information you would like to have and share. We are very late in the game now and if we do not shift gears rapidly, our children are in grave danger. People need to understand what is happening.

Please pass on this link and help spread the word. Thank you for your support.

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Whoa – your book is amazing!  VERY informative, FULL of factual data points while taking the reader into unforeseen dark places & is intertwined with explosions of witty humor. — Jason Vincent

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    1. I currently have no paperback copies of any of my books since they were banned by Amazon. I am working with a new publisher now to get more books printed, but it may be a while before they are ready. You can still buy the PDF version of all my books at Hope this helps.

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