A Month in the Life of a Wireless Radiation Refugee

© Jeanice Barcelo


I am writing this essay at the suggestion of my friend, Paul Gregory, who refers to himself as “electrosenstive”.  Paul recently wrote an article about his experience on Christmas Day, 2021 which I found interesting and worthy of sharing (see the very bottom of this post for Paul’s story).

Based on his inspiration, I have decided it is time for me to share my own experience of what it is like to be one of the many people around the world who has become ill from exposure to wireless radiation and devices.

The term “electrosensitive” is a misnomer conjured up by the medical establishment to cover-up the fact that a growing number of people are becoming ill from exposure to manmade, technologically-produced, “non-ionizing” radiation.  Such radiation is being emitted by all wireless technologies, ultrasonic devices, many medical “diagnostic” and “therapeutic” machines, solar systems, wind turbines, and more.   The number of humans, animals,[i] [ii] birds,[iii] [iv] [v] insects,[vi]  [vii] [viii] trees,[ix] plants, etc., becoming sick and/or dying from exposure to this radiation is growing.  Cell towers, microwave antennas, transmitters, boosters, satellites, solar arrays, wind farms, etc. now blight the landscape all across the world.   On almost every street corner of every city in the United States, and especially in front of schools, retirement homes, and hospitals, you will find a cell tower or microwave transmitter blasting its deadly frequencies at the innocent.  There is no doubt the dark side is targeting the most vulnerable.

Radiation exposure, and in particular, exposure to pulsed microwaves, has led to a plethora of illnesses and deaths.[x] [xi] [xii]  Yet very few people understand what is causing their sickness and fewer still are willing to make the necessary changes to keep themselves healthy and well.

Combine this with the “warp-speed” rollout of 5G and the uptake of people receiving COVID jabs (many of which appear to contain nanotechnology that can self-assemble into a wireless operating system within the human body), and we are now facing a health and environmental crisis of gigantic proportions.  Before too long, we are likely to bear witness to millions (perhaps billions) of people losing their minds and/or collapsing into severe illness and sudden death.  In truth, it is already happening.  Young people,[xv] [xvi] [xvii]  athletes, children, and even newborn infants born to vaccinated mothers – are developing severe neurological problems, blood clots, strokes, myocarditis, and fatal heart attacks.  These are all symptoms of radiation sickness caused by exposure to pulsed, modulated microwaves.  The creatures that run the medical establishment have known about the real cause of these illnesses/deaths for decades but they have chosen to cover it up for at least 100 years.  Today they are blaming the illnesses and deaths on a non-existent virus called “Covid”.  In 1918, they blamed it on the “Spanish flu”.  This alleged “flu” was neither Spanish nor a flu, but rather symptoms of radiation sickness that first occurred on military bases where wireless telegraphy was being used and then spread around the world on military ships that were also using wireless telegraphy.[xxi]

Like the so-called “Spanish Flu”, the term “Covid” is a cover-up for radiation sickness.  I’ve written a lengthy article about this which you can find here.

In 2018, I became a victim of radiation sickness myself (otherwise known as “microwave illness”).  After experiencing two severe bouts of “the flu”[1] during the last half of 2017, in February 2018, my body went into full system collapse.  I have honestly never been so sick in my entire life and I did not know if I was going to live.  I was so weak that I did not have the strength to make it from my bed to the bathroom without collapsing to the floor.  I was losing my hearing, my eyesight, and my sense of taste and smell.  I lost my ability to stand up without falling down.  I was running a low-grade temperature for several weeks, indicating my body had given up fighting against whatever was causing my malaise.  My ears were ringing incessantly so loud that I could not sleep.  I developed autoimmune hyperthyroid disease (Grave’s disease), terrifying heart irregularities, muscle cramps, headaches, night sweats or “hot flashes” (often blamed on menopause but actually the result of being cooked by microwaves), and more.  It was one of the most frightening times of my life. You can read about my experience here, here, and here.

Sadly, once someone becomes “sensitized” to the radiation (i.e, once their body reaches saturation), there is no turning back.  That person will feel sick whenever they are exposed.  Hence, the symptoms I just described above persist to this day whenever I am exposed to wireless radiation or devices.  My extreme sensitivity to the radiation makes living in this wireless society very, very difficult.


My illness was brought on by exposure to smart meter radiation combined with a solar system that was placed on our home and was being powered by a deadly wifi router that pumped high frequency pulsed microwaves into the house 24/7.


Within one year of placement of these devices on our house, everyone in my family became severely ill.  My mother experienced respiratory failure, unrelenting noise in her ears, chronic, itchy skin rashes, chronic insomnia, and illnesses so severe that she came very close to death on two separate occasions.  My stepdad experienced rapid-onset memory loss, severe muscle cramps, balance issues (he was constantly falling down), thyroid cancer, dangerously low blood pressure, and more.  It was during this time I finally figured out what was causing all the sickness.  I hired a building biologist who showed me the myriad sources of wireless radiation in my house which included two wifi routers, several cell phones, a wireless printer, several cordless phones, smoke detectors, ipads, and much more.  He advised me to turn off the solar system, which I promptly did, and it was never turned on again.  I then discovered how to remedy the myriad radiation problems in my home and I demanded the utility company remove the smart meter (which they finally did).  I hard-wired everything in the house and strictly prohibited exposure to wireless/microwave radiation and devices.  I lived inside of a radiation-shielded canopy and only came out to use the bathroom, kitchen and laundry or if I needed to go to the store for food.  Once I made the necessary adjustments to my life and my home, everyone in the house began to get better.  Our symptoms all but disappeared.

Fast forward to January 2021 when I decided to move to North Idaho because the radiation levels on Long Island had become unbearable and the “Covid” situation in New York was not something I wanted to participate in.  By visiting a website called Radiation Refuge, I was able to find a place to live in North Idaho.  I agreed to rent a small cottage, sight unseen, because it was protected from radiation and already set up with wired internet and telephone.  I knew I could get right back to work.  I then traveled across the U.S. to a living situation that was extremely small and way overpriced, but it was radiation-safe, so I paid the price.  A few months later, I ended up living in a larger house in a rural area that also had very low radiation levels.  Unfortunately, I ended up sharing this space with two extremely toxic people that had an addiction to using their cell phones (and other serious addictions as well).  I erected an 8×8 radiation-shielded canopy around my bed and also brought in a comfy rocking chair, a small table that I used as my workstation, and my cat’s kitty bed.   I spent most of my time living and working inside the canopy and I always felt better when my cat was safe in the canopy with me.

Things at the house took a serious turn for the worse in October/November of 2021, when I let a nasty creature masquerading as a human woman stay in my spare bedroom.  Suffice to say, I was forced to move out of the house on very short notice and on December 4, 2021, my time at the rural house was complete.  Since I was unclear about what I should do next, I found an Airbnb rental close by that turned out to be a well-equipped house with wifi and several other “smart” appliances.

On Day 1 at the house, I noticed that it was secluded enough to avoid wifi from neighbors.  Hooray!  I also noticed that the smart meter was placed several dozen feet away from the house instead of right on it – another very good thing.  So I entered the house and immediately unplugged the wifi, hoping all would be well inside the house.  Sadly, when I took out my radiation meter, I could see that the radiation levels in the house were still exorbitantly high.  I quickly looked around and began unplugging every appliance I could, one at a time, in the hopes of discovering what was causing the radiation problem.  I learned that it was not the refrigerator or the microwave, but the stove that was radiating pulsed microwaves.  This new stove/oven was a wonderful “smart” appliance that turned the entire house and the surrounding area into a microwave oven!  So, I pulled out the plug and watched radiation levels drop, but still, they were much higher than they should be.  I then discovered, upon closing the door of the dryer, that the dryer was also “smart”, but after trying multiple times to pull the dryer away from the wall, I realized I was not going to be able to get to the plug behind the dryer to unplug it.  I became frantic and started to search for the breaker box so that I could shut off the circuit that controls the dryer.  Finally, I found the breaker box outside the house and then turned the breakers off, one at a time, until I found the ones that controlled the dryer and the stove.  Still, there was a problem in the house and at last, I discovered the “smart” thermostat – another wonderful “convenience” that allows the dark side to spy on those inside the house while irradiating them with pulsed microwaves 24/7.  I pulled out the plug to that noxious device and quickly carried in my portable electric heaters which are radiation-safe and which I used to heat the house for the duration of my 2-week stay.

Finally, radiation levels in the house dropped into the green on my meter and my body was able to relax.  I felt relieved to know that I could use the fridge without being pummeled by pulsed microwaves, and I could also use the washing machine without putting my life in danger.  I did not use the dryer the entire time I was in the house, but rather brought my wet laundry to the laundromat in order to use their dryers instead.  When I had to cook, I put on radiation shielded clothing first, then went outside to turn on the breaker to the stove, and I limited my cooking time to 20 minutes, tops.  I brought myself and my cat to the farthest corner of the house away from the stove while it was on and I immediately turned the breaker off when I was done cooking.  Only then was my body able to relax once again.

When I needed to use the internet, I was forced to plug in the wifi.  But before I did so, I took out a large piece of radiation shielding and wrapped it around the wifi router multiple times in order to trap the radiation inside the shielding.  I also plugged an ethernet cable into the back of the wifi router and ran the other end of the cable into my computer so that I would not need to turn on the wifi on my computer.  I sat very far away from the wifi router when it was on even though it was shielded.  All of these measures made the use of wifi in the house manageable.

The wifi router was unplugged immediately when I was done using the internet.  It was unplugged every night while I slept in order to protect myself, my cat, and all the creatures that live in the area.  I am consistently hyper vigilant to doing everything I can to avoid hurting the birds, insects, plants, and animals in my vicinity with wireless radiation.  It disturbs me greatly to see humanity carelessly using wireless devices for their own convenience even though these devices are deadly to every living thing.  I refuse to participate in this satanic “civilization” which normalizes the killing of innocent living things.  I will not use wicked technologies that have no business even being on the Earth.  I work overtime to try to avoid hurting innocent creatures.  Sometimes, my efforts exhaust me.

After almost two weeks at the comfy house, I realized I was not going to find a long-term, suitable home in North Idaho.  There were a number of reasons for this, but one of the most significant involves the fact that Airbnb has gobbled up all the rentals in the area and those who own the rentals have become greedy.  Local people blame the lack of housing on “transplants”,[2] claiming that newcomers to North Idaho are gobbling up the rentals and causing the housing crisis.  My experience, however, showed me that there are actually many, many rentals available in North Idaho.  It is just that the majority of them have been listed on Airbnb or VRBO at very high prices so that the owners can rake in maximum dollars.  Therefore, local people who are desperate for affordable, long-term, housing, are out of luck.  Similar to the way Amazon and Walmart have caused millions of small businesses to go under, Airbnb has completely altered the housing market in the U.S. (as was probably the intention all along).  While the controllers of Airbnb have made millions (perhaps billions) of shekels for themselves, they have simultaneously turned everyday landlords into greedy “vacation rental hosts”, rendering an untold number of low and middle-income people unable to find affordable housing.

In addition to this stark reality, I also had to acknowledged that the weather and environment in North Idaho were not something I really enjoyed or felt cut out for.  For example, having to lie down in five inches of snow while simultaneously getting soaked and filthy in order to put chains on my car, was not my idea of a good time.  And so, after months of resistance, I finally accepted the fact that I was not meant to remain in North Idaho.  I surrendered to the idea of moving back to the east coast, which move necessitated a 40-hour drive across the U.S. on highly irradiated interstate roads, with several overnight stops along the way so that I could sleep and let my cat get out of the car, eat, and calm down after the stress of the day’s drive.  I was not looking forward to the journey.  I knew it was going to cost a small fortune and I feared the radiation levels that I would encounter along the way.  I tried to plan ahead by booking vacation rentals where I would have an entire house to myself.  After my experience living in a house with two cell phone addicts, I had to acknowledge that I cannot be around other people. I must keep myself separated from other humans because the majority of them are addicted to their noxious devices.  This is a very sad fact of our current reality.

So, after giving away virtually everything I owned, including dozens of beloved plants, several boxes of stored organic food, a brand new Dutalier rocker/glider that I paid a lot of money for, a new djembe drum, several electric space heaters, and much, much more, I packed my van to the ceiling and headed out on the road.  I was suited up with a radiation-shielded hat, shirt, and pants[3] [4]  and also had a head net that completely covered my face, neck, thyroid, and upper shoulders in case things got really bad.  Once on the road, I quickly discovered that I was literally taking my life in my hands since the roads were horrifyingly treacherous with ice and snow everywhere.  Nevertheless, I felt I had to go.

With white knuckles, I gripped the steering wheel of my van, trying to hold the vehicle steady on the road.  My stress levels escalated every time I noticed a cell tower and they absolutely skyrocketed when I was forced to sit in traffic in Couer d’Alene, Idaho where the roads were so bad, people were hardly moving.  Couer d’Alene is a HIGHLY IRRADIATED city and I do not like being in that town because of it.  Being forced to sit in traffic and be cooked by microwaves for over an hour was truly unnerving.  Finally, I got past the traffic and onto I-90 which interstate also had patches of ice and snow everywhere.  Driving was extremely treacherous.

After hours of stress, I finally reached my destination at a vacation rental in Montana.  To my horror, I discovered that the studio cottage I had rented for the night was in direct line-of-sight to a cell tower.  Definitely not good.  I panicked and felt I wanted to crumble to the floor and die.  My host, however, was fantastically kind and understanding.  She allowed me to turn off the electric breakers in the cottage save for one, which gave us light from one lamp and hot water.  She then offered to help me carry in my things and set up my radiation–shielded canopy.  We spent over an hour moving furniture around to make room for the canopy and putting it up.  Radiation levels were still somewhat high in the canopy but much more manageable.[5]   My super kind host, who lived in the building next door, also agreed to turn off her wifi while she slept.  Radiation inside my canopy then dropped to levels in the green.  My body could relax then, especially once my cat joined me inside the canopy.  I slept OK.  When I stepped outside the canopy to use the bathroom or kitchen, I became dizzy and lightheaded, with tension across my chest and heart area.  I was looking forward to leaving the rental, which I promptly did the next morning.

On Day 2, I headed out on 1-90 in Montana where there were cell towers every few hundred feet.  From my vantage point, it appeared the entire state had been turned into a radiation death trap.  My observation was confirmed by my host who said that “every town in Montana has a cell tower”.  Frankly, I could not wait to get out of that state and get myself into Wyoming, where I knew things would be better.  But Montana is a BIG state and the-powers-that-be suddenly decided to close I-90 due to extremely high winds.  Not good.  After an hour of utter frustration sitting in non-moving traffic and surrounded by people in highly microwaved vehicles using their cell phones, I somehow found my way around the road block and continued on my journey.  I finally reached my second destination later that day in Wyoming – a place I have stayed once before.  I looked forward to arriving there because I knew that once the wifi is unplugged at that location, radiation levels would be in the green inside the cottage.  My only fear was that the dark ones might have erected a cell tower close by.  But much to my happy surprise, there were no new cell towers in the area and I felt deep relief being able to spend a night at that beautiful location in a radiation-free environment.  I did not plug the wifi in at all.  I simply did not want to go near it.

On Day 3, I headed out on the road again to a rental in frigid South Dakota.  The roads in South Dakota were free of snow and ice and there were very few cell towers as well.  This was a relief.  When I arrived at the rental for the night, however, I realized it was an ENORMOUS house, with many TVs and other potential “smart” problems.  Quickly I found the breaker box and turned off the smart meter that was located INSIDE the house.  Lucky for me, some of the electric in the house still worked after that, including the fridge and stove (not sure how that happened, but I’m glad it did).  I turned off a few more breakers until I achieved radiation levels in the green.  I slept downstairs where levels were the lowest.  Things were OK until the morning, when my car wouldn’t start.  My host gave me a jump and I travelled to the nearest city to a garage to have them look at the car.  I was forced to sit in a highly irradiated garage for about one hour and then told that the car was fine and that it must have been the cold or some loose wiring.  All was well with the car after that.

On Day 4, I continued traveling east to my next destination and was concerned when I realized the place I had rented for the night was in a neighborhood with houses that were fairly close together.  I entered the house and immediately unplugged the wifi.   Still, radiation levels were high and I seriously did NOT want to put up my canopy again, especially by myself.  So, I unplugged the dryer, washer, TV, and a few other things.  I could not find the breaker box but noticed that radiation levels were highest by the windows on the side of the house facing the neighbor.  I figured it must be their wifi.  I chose the bedroom with the absolute lowest radiation levels and put shielding on my bed both under me and over me.  I slept OK and felt grateful that I was somehow surviving the trip.

On Day 5, I got on the road again and was thrilled when I got to Missouri and felt the sun shining brightly on my face with temperatures around 65 degrees.  Driving felt much more pleasurable at this point.  The days were getting longer as I headed south.  The sun was no longer setting at 3:30 but rather between 5-5:30, which felt like a welcome change to me.  Driving is much easier in the daylight.  I stopped in Columbia where I knew there was a good health food store (I lived in Columbia for a whole year in 2016).  I walked into the store and immediately my eyes met with those of another as if we had known each other before.  As it turned out, I had not met her before but she had recently seen my interview with JC Kay and somehow “knew” me.  We talked for many minutes about many things, but mostly about the radiation issue.  She got it.  I then drove around Columbia for a few minutes and noticed there were no cell towers in the area.  How could this be, I wondered?  My mind began racing.  Should I move back to Columbia?  It is a college town, after all, with lots of young people ripe for TRUTH.  But I quickly came to my senses and realized that today was not the day to be thinking about relocating to Columbia.  I knew I needed to continue my journey eastward, even if I did not understand why.  I had to go where the opening had occurred and my spirit was urging me on.

I then travelled way out of my way in to get to a rental in the country, imagining this would be a safer location for me than in a town or city.  However, I grew concerned as I got closer to my destination and saw that there were wide open fields in the area, and miles and miles of expansive horizon, with absolutely nothing to block cell tower radiation at all.  Fretfully, I arrived at the rental, which was beautiful and in a fantastic location, on a dead-end street and on the water.  It was such a sweet spot.  But damn.  There was a cell tower about two miles away in direct line-of-sight of the cottage.  Immediately, my inner voice screamed… “Those bastards are destroying everything!”  I despise the wireless industry and everything it represents.

As a result of the cell tower, radiation levels in the cottage were high.  I immediately unplugged the wifi router and turned off all electric breakers, but radiation levels were still high.  I noticed the smart meter was pulsing away.  And the cell tower was just sitting there, beaming its Luciferian “light” directly at the cottage and for miles around.  Naturally, all living things were/are being negatively affected by that hideous and evil structure.  I visualized it going up in flames.

With much regret, I then surrendered to the fact that I would have to put up my bed canopy if I wanted to survive through the night.  What’s worse is that I would have to do it by myself.  I felt exhausted and stressed.  But I had no choice.  I got to work.

The struggle of erecting the canopy was almost too much to bear, especially because I was already beginning to feel ill from the radiation.  Dizziness and a strong headache were coming on and tension gripped my heart area.  Each time I tried to bring the pieces of the canopy together, one side inevitably collapsed back to the floor.  I was overwhelmed with a sense of doom and frustration.  Finally, I figured out that I could use an open dresser draw to help support one of the legs of the canopy while I pulled the others into place.  At last, the structure was up, and then I had to put the shielding into place, which was another interesting chore.  About two hours later, I was able to enter the canopy.  With great relief, I saw that radiation levels inside the canopy were in the green!!!  I began to cry with relief.  I seriously did not want to ever come out of the canopy.  I was feeling so stressed and overwhelmed that all I could think was that I do not belong in this nightmare ‘civilization’ and do not want to be a part of it.  I begged the Creator to help me get to safety.  My body was longing for a feeling of safety and grounding.  I was not sure how long I could go on feeling this sick and stressed.  Finally, I fell asleep.

At 5:30am, I bolted out of bed and got ready to high-tail it out of that place and face yet another day on the road.  I wondered if my next destination would prove harmful to my health.  I was seriously not looking forward to the drive.  Still, I packed my belongings and put them into my vehicle, making sure my cat was well fed and watered first.  Every few minutes, I jumped back into my canopy to recover from the radiation levels outside the canopy.  Finally, it was time to take the canopy down, which I did quickly and then jumped in my van and drove away.  Once on the road, I stopped at McDonalds to use their wifi and ask the host if there was a cell tower near the rental that I had reserved for the night.  He assured me there was not and offered to turn off the wifi in the unit before I arrived.  I felt relief over this and continued on.  As I got closer to the east coast, I remembered why I so urgently wanted to leave.  There were cell towers everywhere and traffic was a nightmare.  Congestion, overcrowding, toxicity, and frustrated people surrounded me.  I wondered why people continue living that way.  I simply don’t understand it.  It’s not how I want to live.  I’m ready to return to nature.

My next destination was a one room, no frills cabin that I thought would surely be a reprieve from wireless radiation.  I was WRONG!!!  In this no-frills cabin was a smart heating system and several other smart devices causing high radiation levels.  I panicked once again and asked the host for help.  He agreed to help me by turning off all electric.  Radiation levels immediately plummeted into the green.  Sadly, he refused to turn off his cell phone, even for 5 minutes, since he felt that every interaction with a guest must be recorded.  This is the insanity of our world.  Obviously, I could not allow him to stay in the cabin because (a) he was irradiating me with his phone and (b) I would never have been able to figure out which circuits were causing the problem if he kept his bloody cell phone turned on!!!  Finally, he left and I got busy figuring out which breakers I could safely leave on and which ones needed to be shut off.   I was able to get radiation levels down into the green by keeping the smart heating system turned off and hauling in my electric space heaters to heat the cabin.  I got a good’s night rest.  My host greeted me the next morning with questions about how he could learn more about the wireless radiation issue.  I directed him to my book and website.  Then I packed the car and was on my way.

A few hours later, I arrived at my final destination, exhausted from the trip and ready for a much-needed break.  But I did not like the looks of the house I was about to enter.  Although it was huge and in a really nice location, it was in decrepit condition.  When I stepped into the back porch, I was overcome with the smell of mold.  I then entered the house and almost cried out in horror.  I had never before seen such a dirty house.  It looked like the house had not been cleaned in 25 years.  I was horrified by what I was seeing and began sobbing uncontrollably.  I wondered what the heck I was supposed to do next.

Frantic, I drove into town to a nearby McDonald’s to use their wifi in order to make a few calls.  I poured my heart out to two friends, one of whom is only 4 hours away and offered to let me come and stay at her place.  I contemplated this idea but knew it was not the right thing because, as much as I love this sister, she is addicted to using her cell phone.  I cannot be around these devices.  I will not be around them.  There has to be another option.

Exhausted and broke, I surrendered to the fact that I had no choice but to stay in the dirty house.  I toughened up and mustered up the courage to begin cleaning the house.  First, I cleaned the bedroom, then the bathroom, and then I moved onto the kitchen.  It was more disgusting than anything I could have ever imagined.   I suddenly realized I had not yet checked the radiation levels in the house.  I stopped what I was doing and turned on my meter to discover that radiation levels were in the green.  This was a tremendous relief.  Then, with great trepidation, I walked around the house to see where the smart meter was.  Happily, I discovered it is located on the opposite side of the house, far away from my bedroom.  There appeared to be no microwave pulsing going on in my bedroom.  This was a big relief since the pulses negatively affect my heart and my ability to sleep.  I felt grateful to realize I would not need to put up my bed canopy here – or at least not right away.  I then went back to cleaning the house and continued doing this for the next 3-4 hours before taking a shower and collapsing into bed.  I slept well and continued cleaning the next morning and throughout the duration of my stay.

At my new location, I had no internet service or ability to communicate for the first 10 days.  Since I do not own a cell phone, I usually make all my calls from skype on a wired computer.  But in the new house, I could not do that yet and so I had to travel into town to a McDonald’s to use their public wifi in order to check email and make calls.  Each time I had to do this, I dreaded turning on the wifi on my computer.  Immediately, I would feel pressure in my chest and across my heart area – as if something were gripping my heart from the inside.  I also quickly developed headaches.  So, I limited my time using wifi to 15 minutes and then turned it off and busied myself doing other things.  I’ve noticed that there are not many cell towers in this new town but still, there are days when I feel decidedly unwell in the stores.  I figure it must be their wifi or being around so many people with cell phones.

After spending a few days at my new location, I also notice that, because I am living in a house with a smart meter attached to it, the “ringing” in my ears is loud and incessant.  The noise I hear is metallic and electrical.  It is a high-pitched, mosquito-like hum that sometimes escalates into a tortured screech from hell.  This sound is worse than any annoying mosquito I have ever heard.  From all of my research, I know that what I am hearing is ultrasound.  The lying medical establishment will never tell you this.  Instead they call this phenomenon “tinnitus”, but it is not tinnitus at all.  Rather, these noises are the result of what scientists call “microwave hearing” and/or “ultrasonic hearing”.  I have written an article about this here.

According to the science, millions of people around the world have the ability to hear the microwave frequencies and/or the ultrasonic frequencies that now permeate our air space and are being emitted by wireless devices.[xxii]  Babies can hear the frequencies;[xxiii] children and teenagers can hear them too.[xxiv]

Many adults can hear the frequencies (but not all), and pets, especially dogs, hear the frequencies as well.[xxv]  Some people hear the high-pitched, metallic noise.  Others hear “clicks” or “hisses” – which are the microwaves.  Being forced to listen to these horrid sounds 24/7 is a form a torture and some people have committed suicide as a result.  The only way to stop the noise is to shut down the wireless grid.  Sadly, this solution will likely take some time because humanity is currently addicted to their wireless devices.  It is not clear what it will take to get people to snap out of their addiction and let go of these technologies, but let’s hope something happens soon because, if we do not get these technologies off the Earth, life on this beautiful planet is likely to collapse.

On the final day of 2021, I decided to travel to the nearest city to see if I could find quality health food.  The city is about an hour away from where I am staying.  As I neared the city, cell towers began appearing everywhere.  The most grotesque and offensive tower was sitting approximately 100 feet away from a grammar school.  I wondered how it is possible that people do not see how evil this is.  Do people really send their children to that school?  Do they not fear for their children’s lives?  Don’t they know that children who attend schools near cell towers are becoming ill and dying?[xxvi]  Have they not heard that wifi in schools is causing children to have heart attacks and die?[xxvii]   And what of all the people who live in the neighborhood who are now being massively irradiated by the tower?  Are all these people prepared to die in exchange for the “convenience” of using wireless devices?  I just do not understand what is wrong with humanity that people do not acknowledge the danger.  I grow dizzy and exhausted just being around the radiation and I do not understand how other people do not feel it.

I briskly walk toward the health food store, noticing several people wearing masks, cutting off their own oxygen supply and choosing to breathe in carbon dioxide instead, which will eventually cause brain and lung damage.  Some of these people are simultaneously blabbing away on their cell phones while holding them up to their heads.  I marvel at the stupidity of humanity being willing to participate in its own destruction.  Cell phone radiation is well known to cause brain tumors.[xxviii] [xxix] [xxx] .[xxxi] [xxxii] [xxxiii] [xxxiv]  Why in the world would anyone want to hold one to their head?

I quickly do my shopping and then get myself out of that store and out of the city as rapidly as possible.  I am relieved when I return to the small town in which I am staying and I think I will not go back to the city again.  The sun is shining and I am happy to be staying in a house that has old appliances, all of them fully functional and built to last, unlike the “smart” appliances of today that are complicated to use and degrade quickly due to radiation-induced rapid-aging.   Although I’ve had A LOT of cleaning to do to get this place in order, I am feeling blessed to be living in a space with very, very low levels of EMF radiation.  Wired internet service is available at this location and was hooked up just a few days ago.  All is well.  How long this will last is anyone’s guess but let’s hope this obscure little town remains off the radar for a good long time.  If the dark forces get wind of the fact that there is a radiation-safe area in the U.S. or elsewhere, they will rapidly swoop in with their “clean” and “green” wireless death grid technologies in order to ensure that not a single life remains.  Hence, I will keep my location private and hope that more and more of those who read my story will take action to protect themselves and their loved ones from the most grievous and serious threat we have ever faced.

I am wishing everyone a very blessed and Happy New Year.  May all good things come to you.  For more information, please visit my website at http://RadiationDangers.com or purchase my book, “Are Wireless Devices Really Safe?”, which you can find on Amazon (or on my website here.

© Jeanice Barcelo


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[3] I used to wear radiation-shielded socks too, but I left them in New York, wrapped around a noxious medical alert device that my mother was told to wear 24/7 in case she fell down.  The fact that this radiation-emitting device is likely to be the cause of her losing her balance and falling down is never acknowledged by the medical establishment.   Instead, they just keep giving ignorant and vulnerable elderly people more radiation-emitting devices (like hearing aids) that will ensure their rapid demise.

[4] Because I had no shielded socks to wear for the trip, I developed an itchy radiation rash around both of my ankles.  The rash healed up within days of my arrival at a radiation-free house.

[5] I would discover three nights later that there was a tear in the shielding we had placed on the floor, which allowed some of the radiation to leak through.  This is why radiation levels in the canopy were still somewhat high.



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Paul Gregory’s Christmas Story
Christmas diary of an “electrosensitive” person
Today is Christmas Day 2021. I am not writing this account for self-aggrandisement, but to sing of my blessings and raise awareness about all the people across the world who are in a far worse position than I am. They number in the millions. It is not just other people’s 4G and 5G phones, masts, Wi-Fi everywhere, but also the LED lights in homes, shops and Christmas decorative lights, which emit pernicious radiofrequency radiation (RFR). This ubiquitous energy tortures me on smart motorways with the new weaponized streetlighting. It prevents me from going to public places and the homes of friends and family, and it has invaded my home. It causes huge heartbeats and heart arrhythmia. A cardiologist says my heart is perfectly normal. My skin itches, muscles ache, ears ring with tinnitus, but I think I am just hearing this radiation. My mood and motivation ride the highs and lows of these emissions. I am only getting the same symptoms that enemy troops get when targeted with psychotronic and electromagnetic weapons.
By the end of this account, you will know that I am speaking honestly about my situation. I enjoy good physical and mental health and am driven to question everything, to seek the truth as best I can, in order to assuage my ignorance that has been a lifetime in the making. I am waking up to a reality that I never dreamt existed.
My problem is not within me but is caused by the environment. RFR is five trillion times higher than the naturally occurring level. My situation will soon be your situation. We are being microwaved alive. It is the same radiation that a microwave oven uses to cook food and no one in the media of is discussing the issue.
I wake on this Christmas morn from a refreshing sleep in my BlocSilver home-made sleeping bag in my little bedroom, which I have made as mobile-phone-radiation-proof as I can. All the other bedrooms are too radiation-polluted for me to use. It is 7.15 a.m. and I take off my BlocSilver anti-5G hood, which I wear in bed to protect my indispensable brain.
Once out of bed, I slip on the BlocSilver full-length protective underwear over my pyjamas (because I would otherwise start feeling ill from the radiation straightaway) and go downstairs to greet my wife who is making a pot of hibiscus and ginger tea for us to drink in bed together.
She listens to BBC Radio 4 till we get to the first round of the daily dose of Covid propaganda. She agrees to turn it off to stop my arguing back on every lie that is uttered.
After about 20 minutes we go downstairs to have our breakfast. Mine consists of different organic nuts and berries, flaxseed, wheatgerm and porridge, nicely soaked in organic grass-fed raw milk.
My wife sits at the dining table, and I sit with her for a few minutes before she and I notice me drifting off into a half-waking catatonic state caused by the radiofrequency radiation. She quickly rouses me, and I trot off to the lounge to sit on the floor between the door and the sofa. It is the only place downstairs where I can watch television without experiencing the effects of the new streetlights outside, which beam radiofrequency radiation (RFR) into my house day and night courtesy of the local authority.
Breakfast completed, I have come round and now feel normal, in fact quite good.
Christmas Day is unfolding. Towards 11 a.m. I drink a pint of filtered structured water and have a sandwich of organic wholemeal sourdough bread and organic butter made from grass-fed raw milk, followed by a square of organic 99% Vivani chocolate, complemented by an organic date, which I have discovered reverses the low mood that can be triggered by the effects of RFR on our brains. Research has discovered that it causes a decrease in blood flow to the brain along with a reduction in blood glucose, serotonin, dopamine and acetylcholine neurotransmitters. I am so blessed to have come across this information because it explains all my symptoms exactly. My body is under attack from the radiation-polluted environment.
We have two guests for Christmas dinner. The first knocks at the front door and I quickly exit the downstairs toilet/office/RF sanctuary where I have been reading in order to let him in. I have to secrete myself behind the door to avoid a blast of RFR from the streetlight. Our first guest understands and comes in. He is double-jabbed, “boosted” and flu-vaccinated and lives with all the Wi-Fi gadgets you could think of, all carefully coordinated by Alexa. I talk to him in an animated fashion for about five minutes, getting him a drink before my half-waking catatonia starts. My wife swiftly reminds me that it is the radiation he is emitting that is doing me in. Back in the toilet I recover completely in 15 minutes, just in time to emerge to greet our next guest. She is totally unvaccinated and well-informed about what is going on, but has to live in the 5G emissions that bathe our town of Sutton Coldfield.
I get her a drink and retreat to the toilet as the same cycle repeats. After 10 to 15 minutes, I am once again myself and can open the toilet door and the lounge door opposite and take part in the conversation from a distance. I am doing really well and gaining confidence, so I join our guests in the lounge. It is so good to have a “crowd”’ of non-socially distanced friends talking animatedly, conversing like we used to do in the era Before Covid (BC). Ever optimistic, I forget to protect myself and soon my wife realises that I have stopped talking. She suggests that I retreat to the toilet in order to be well enough to carve the Christmas chicken. From my sanctuary, I overhear our first guest surmising that my plight is probably due to the huge RF signals generated as people use their Wi-Fi devices more and more through the day.
Half an hour later I feel better and feel up to carving the chicken. Dinner is ready, and my wife anxiously inquires as to whether I will be okay sitting at the table in the dining room without getting a “hit”. I tell her I’ll risk it, but I’m ready to retreat if it gets too much.
The drinks oil the wheels of cordial interaction. Our first guest pours me a big glass of organic red wine, which I consume with pleasure. We help ourselves to vegetables whilst I keep an eye on the RF level. It is okay; I can’t feel anything. This guest wonders if it is because people have put their Wi-Fi devices aside in order to eat their Christmas dinner.
The meal is fantastic. I am able to stay at the table for two whole hours. The conversation is exhilarating. If the lockdowns have taught me anything, it is that human interaction, whether at work or with family or friends, is the most precious activity there is. This pandemic fraud can be understood with 10 minutes’ research that first confirms that the PCR test does not identify any virus or variant (P6 the Government says: RT-PCR detects presence of viral genetic material in a sample but is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present) and second the so-called vaccine is of a type never used on humans before. Do I want to risk taking it? No! Why would I want to take a vaccine for a virus that has not been identified? It is that easy.
Both our guests understand my situation and do not dwell on it. My wife had invited a lady who would otherwise have been on her own at Christmas as she was bereaved two years ago. She has been badly traumatized by the Covid propaganda. However, she phoned earlier to say she preferred a quiet day at home. This was sad because the campaign of fear and terror waged by the government have robbed her of her confidence to do almost anything. When reflecting on such criminality I usually tell myself a joke. My latest is a new meaning for the phrase “a hung parliament”. When the people – or “the masses” as the elected prefer to think of us – find out what has really been going on over the last century, they may wind up regarding “hanging” as the more merciful of the options available to them. But I digress.
Between glasses of wine, I nearly forget to protect myself. Our first guest is telling us how the usual weekly night with his mates at the pub has been cancelled because one of the group had a daughter in her thirties, a doctor married to an anaesthetist, and the husband was having difficulty coping with looking after their children whilst his wife dealt with the “Covid” crisis at the hospital. This meant that the grandparents were on standby to go to help out their daughter and son-in-law with the children and this drinking pal did not want to catch Covid from his friend. We were all curious as to why a young anaesthetist might need help with looking after the children. It turned out that at the age of 26, about 10 years ago, he had had a successful operation for an aortic aneurism, but two or three months ago had become seriously ill with infected heart valves, necessitating a life-saving operation.
He was still recuperating and facing the possibility of never being able to work again as a doctor. I am eager to ask for more information, such as has he been double-jabbed and boosted, when our second guest intervenes to remind me of our prearranged pact not to raise the issue of Covid or vaccinations in order to keep the peace.
I feign listening to the conversation whilst I try to join the dots. I bet this anaesthetist has been vaccinated and it has caused pericarditis or myocarditis in the same way that so many international footballers, athletes and teenagers have suffered. We are told that the putative cause was an infection caught from the mouth of a patient he was attending to in the course of his work during an operation. “A likely story,” I thought, “They blame a bug without even considering all the toxins in the vaccines. How very convenient!”
The conversation is back on a safe track and our meal ends as the time draws near for the Queen’s annual Christmas speech to the nation. Everyone gets comfortable in the lounge whilst I resume my usual seat beside the sofa. Too much RFR, so I put on my hood, but I am still in too much pain so I quietly abandon the Queen and resume reading in the toilet, once again comfortable.
I try not to dwell on loss too much. My situation frequently leads to disappointment. I may plan to watch a television programme with my wife, but if the radiation is too high to cope with, even with my RF-blocking suit and hood, I have to give up and retire to the toilet. I make return visits to cafés or countryside that were previously RF-safe only to find that now they have an RF signal I cannot cope with, and my plans have to be altered. The signal-free environment has become smaller and smaller. It is loss, part of depression. I don’t want to be forced into this mood, so as soon as possible my wife and I work out a partial solution; we try to beat it or get round it. So right now I switch my attention to the story I had been reading all morning. It is a short story called “The Machine Stops”, written by E.M. Forster in 1909 (free download).
It is about a future with AI satisfying all the needs of the world population as they live underground, alone in hexagonal little rooms, rarely going out, but communicating with friends and family around the world via video screens. It feels a bit like my situation, but the difference is that they are so grateful to the Machine. Constant propaganda has taught the masses to like this life till the day that the Machine stops. It is a brilliant story and so relevant to our contemporary world. I just heard on the radio that food delivery is getting so good that people do not need to leave the house or even cook now that a pizza (which is highly toxic, of course) can be delivered 24/7.
I hear our guests leaving. I reappear to say goodbye. They have really enjoyed the afternoon, as have I. We congratulate my wife on a superb Christmas dinner.
I am not ready for rest so I start reading my next book “Tragedy and Hope 101. The Illusion of Justice, Freedom, and Democracy” by Joseph Plummer, a précis of Professor Carroll Quigley’s encyclopaedic history of the activities of the elite (Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time), who wanted a trusted historian to document their take-over of the world. But he reneged on his agreement with them to keep the information private and had it published. He was lucky they left him alive.
After finishing the first chapter, I decide I have had enough excitement for one day and want to have a lie down. I try between the sofa and the lounge door, but there is too much RFR so I put on my hood, but still it is too much and I have to go to my last resort for a daytime rest. I move my laptop out of the toilet and lie down in there. It is about 4 ft square, so I pride myself on my athleticism at 75 being able to lie out full-length with one foot on the cock-stop and the other on the toilet lid. I had the forethought to take off my sweater as it gets hot in there. I keep my hood on just in case and take in my Qi Shield RFR-protection device. I used to find it effective, but much less so now. Relaxing, I realise I can still feel RFR, so I lower my hood to cover my face such that I am now totally covered. It works. I can relax and slip into meditation. I listen for what God is saying. He is silent but what comes to mind are all my blessings, a caring wife and family, a home, being free from pain most of the time, warm Internet friendships with people I have never met, and a growing number of awake friends in my area. These are riches beyond compare. I know of people who have had to leave their houses and live rough or in their car because they cannot cope with the radiation coming into their house. I know people who are ill, probably because of ignorance of the pollutedtoxic environment they live in.
At 8 p.m. I find that the RF signal has gone down so much that with my hood on, I can watch television from beside the sofa.
I have had a good day this Christmas Day. I will continue to work on staying well and wait patiently for better days to come. After all, Solomon is said to have wisely observed that all things will pass.
© R. Paul Gregory. paulgregory34@hotmail.com
I must thank Claire Edwards for her assistance in helping to edit this account into a better form and supporting me with understanding what it is like trying to work in this awful 5G environment.  See the article on her website: https://forlifeonearth.weebly.com/ehs-christmas-diary.html.

2 thoughts on “A Month in the Life of a Wireless Radiation Refugee”

  1. Wow what a saga! I figured you were probably on a trip because you hadn’t posted in a while. God Bless, glad you found a place to rest finally. I recently did a road trip from CA to NW Washington, then back south through CDA and Boise, ID. You are right about CDA, heavy radiation. Boise-meridian has lots of black small-cell antennas on street corners that look very sinister. Even in the little town in WA where I grew up, new cell towers have gone up, and the existing towers are now bristling with more antennae. I believe we are in the last days. Praise God we have salvation and redemption through our Lord Jesus Christ! He has overcome the world. Blessings.

    1. Yes Caleb. These noxious devices are popping up everywhere. Their purpose is to destroy life. I do not see how people cannot see this. Humanity is under a mind-control spell and the frequencies spewing out of the cell towers and cell phones are a key to that mind control.

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