Aussie Police use Microwave and Sonic Weapons Against Protestors in Canberra

Friends – we knew this was coming. It is clear to see that the wireless grid is NOT a communication system but rather a weapon’s system designed to destroy us.  These technologies can cause strokes, blood clots, heart attacks, brain damage, organ damage, nerve damage, cancers of all kinds, and much more.  It is only a matter of time before the dark ones activate all of this weaponry and turn it against populations worldwide. It is totally up to us to shut down the wireless grid with whatever it takes. Every cell tower and cellphone must be EXTINGUISHED. Carrying a cell phone makes you a direct target of microwave assault. Please wake up. Let go of all wireless devices. We are in serious danger. It is time to come out of denial and grow a pair.  This cannot be allowed to continue.



Update:  2/18/22 – Ottawa has also flown in sonic weapons


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This LRAD weaponry was used at the protest.















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Microwave Burn Victim At Protest In Canberra, Australia | Long Range Acoustic Device Weapon

11 thoughts on “Aussie Police use Microwave and Sonic Weapons Against Protestors in Canberra”

  1. After what happened in the Maui Fires recently with what seems – Microwave weaponry.

    My research has lead me here.

    Are there any other websites, groups or pages that aren’t being censored to gather more information?

  2. I attended the protest. I was on the hill there for several hours along with a lot of other peaceful protestors. Since returning home I have been so sick. On the Monday I worked as normal and I started to feel off in the afternoon where I overheated and had to strip off and lay n the bed with the aircon on and a fan and icepacks on my head. I’ve been experiencing a nerve pain in my hands and wrists like carpel tunnel which I never had previously. Its like my hands and fingers feel numb or sunburnt in near the bone or muscles. Its horrible. I am getting this feeling in my face and legs as well. I feel weak and so sick. On the Sunday I went for a ride with my son on a pushbike and I thought I was going to pas out. I normally ride 30kms no worries. I only rode 1km and felt like I was having a heart attack. Somethings up. What have they done to me. Will I ever get better. This is so wrong. How could they knowingly do this to the human race.

    1. They can do this Doug, because they are not really human. They are biological robots operating from a hive mind with little or no connection to their feelings or their soul (if they actually have one).

      You have been microwaved, my friend, and you are suffering from acute radiation poisoning. I am so, so sorry this has happened to you. There are MANY in the same situation. It is important for you to get yourself away from wireless radiation for at least a few days. No cell phones, wifi, cordless phones, etc. And this is especially important when you sleep. All wireless devices need to be shut off or unplugged completely while you sleep so your body can repair some of the damage. I recommend getting in the tub with sea salt, baking soda, magnesium chloride flakes, and clay. Make a warm bath but do not add hot water after it starts to cool as you do not want to take the toxins back into your body by opening your pores again after they have begun to cool.

      There are many things I can suggest. I also almost died from microwave illness and have learned ALOT and have written a book about this issue (which may not be available much longer as Amazon has just banned one of my other books). In any event, I can guide you as to how to help yourself heal, which you can do, but you’ve got to clean up your home environment and get yourself out of, and away from, wireless radiation. The more exposure to microwaves you have, the more damage to your body. All wireless devices are emitting microwave radiation (and also acoustic radiation through ultrasound). So it is very, very important to get away from them. Feel free to email me if you’d like to set up a time to talk. Again, I am so sorry for what they have done to you. People need to understand that it is the cell phones they were carrying that made them a direct target. The towers communicate directly with the phones. They have set up an entire weapon’s system all around us and we have eagerly participated in this creation. We have to let go of the damn phones.

  3. After listening to the broadcast’’, ( above ) I, again, was painfully reminded how even Canadian citizens are utterly indoctrinated with historical lies. It is indeed a tragedy how the average citizen has been so easily led into believing that the good guys are on one side, and the bad on the other, and the enemy is always to be found somewhere else on this planet, when as a matter of fact, the enemy has always been present within, working only for their very own interests in the name of their invisible masters. What we have been experiencing and witnessing just the past two years, already has been planned many, many decades ago. Our fellow human being all over the world has swallowed the historical lies by tptb, fed via mass media, TV, radio, Hollywood entertainment, book learning, news papers, and common literature, accelerating since 1873. Our fellow citizen has now arrived at this moment in time were he/she is faced with the unthinkable, a monster so big, were the majority of our brainwashed and indoctrinated citizens just want to bow down, stay in line, follow like sheep what is being dictated to him/her, and dream that everything will be shifting back to ‘normal’, soon. This is it, Folks! This is it! We have arrived at the cross-road!
    Truckers, patriots, true freedom loving fellow citizens, do not trust your politicians, not one bit. What we’re witnessing, clearly shows that our lying politicians are using old military tactics that have been used over and over against a countries citizens for many millenniums. Just research for example, the ‘Truchseß – Tactic’ ( 30 year war,1495-1525). Do not believe these liars, and for God’s sake, do not fall for the continuously applied deception, nor sign any agreement they may offer you. What these politicians are doing is buying more time for tptb, who have been controlling every move from behind the scene. The majority of your Prime Ministers have been groomed for their positions from early on, come from distinct family bloodlines ( research their names and connections ) and are part of the tyrannical NWO. They may be part of one or the other political party, but they all work for the one and same goal. Don’t continue to be so naive. Don’t continue to be so deceived. If you disperse, and go home, thinking that you may have won against tptb, they will come after the populaces with more dangerous measures, already installed and positioned to be carried out against us all. Trudeau never has and never will be your friend and is but a puppet, carrying out what he is being ordered by his hidden masters. We can observe the very same tactics against the populaces in countries all over the world. What is happening in Canada, is happening in the USA, Europe, Australia, NZ, South and Central America, Asia, Africa, Russia.
    Every nation, every country in this world finds itself in the very same dilemma. There is no ‘PANDEMIC’ and there never has been a ‘PANDEMIC’. It is nothing else but a smoke screen, produced, directed, choreographed and installed by the same dark magicians who have been behind major revolutions, assassinations, wars, chaos, unrest, etc.. Follow the money trail and you will find out who is controlling our lives. The majority of our politicians are also members of various secret societies, such as ‘The Council of Thirty-Three’, ‘The Committee of 300′, The Council on Foreign Relations’ ( CFR), Skull & Bones, ‘The Round Table’, ‘The Bilderbergers’, ‘The Trilateral Commission’, ‘The Club of Rome’, ‘The United Nations’, ‘The Rothschild Tribunal’ ( RT ), ‘The Council of Thirteen’ ( The Great Druid Council – 13 private druid priesthood of the Rothschilds), ‘The All-Seeing Eye’, etc.etc. .
    Those who have read ‘The 24 Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion ( Sion ) know what has been laid out several hundred years ago for all of mankind. ‘Facts are Facts’, by Benjamin Freedman, written on October 10, 1954 is another eye-opener who still believe in our fabricated history.

    A few quotes by some known personalities from the past:

    ” I will not confide them to you. I can only tell you that all this is very much more serious than you think. The conspiracy which has been woven is so well thought out that it will be, so to speak, impossible for the Monarchy and the Church to escape from it.” ( the French COMTE DE VIRIEU, a Freemason who attended the secret congress meeting in Wilhelmsbad on July 16, 1782, when approached and asked by an agent after the meeting);

    “Give me the control over a nation’s currency and I don’t care who makes its laws!” — the Jew Mayer Amschel Rothschild ( 1743 – 1812 )

    “None are more enslaved then those who think they are free.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ( he was a Freemason, and became a member of the Jew and Gnostic Adam Weishaupt’s newly found Bavarian Illuminati, 1776 ) Weishaupt joined the Jew Mendelsohn;

    “Behind the visible government there is an invisible government upon the throne that owes the people ( citizens ) no loyalty and recognizes no responsibility. To destroy this invisible government, to undo the ungodly union between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the task of a statesman.” ( American President Theodore Roosevelt during his election campaign in 1912 ) he knew and did nothing to keep the US out of WWI;

    “In politics nothing ever happens accidentally! If something occurs, you can be sure that it had been planned this way!” — Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a descendant of the Jewish Rosenfeld Family in Europe;

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes is false.” — William J. Casey

    The Canada’s citizens allowed their government to be disarmed. The majority of citizens are not prepared for what is unfolding from here on, unless the tide can be turned to our favor. People are controlled by food, water, shelter, clothing, basic medicine;

  4. To make things easier lets first examine what it is that calls itself jewish. Since we see dark as night negroes in the Sudan calling themselves jews and Ivanka Trump ‘converted’ to that psychopathy it is obviously not a race but a belief system; an OS for humanoids. Jews come in all colours and all sizes. Not all of them look like Barbara Streisand or Tiny Tim. They don’t all have that nose; that hooked proboscis designed to sniff out a scheme at fifty paces. The problem for most folks is that over 90% of the creatures are descendants of Khazars who escaped the carnage that eventually and rightfully came their way in their homeland and escaped to Poland and Russia. These tentacles of the parasite are known as the Azkenazi and that is the group who in the formalized organization known as Bolsheviks murdered upwards of 145 MILLION White Christian Russians in the most barbaric ways so sadistic and cruel it boggles the mind we have not exterminated the lot of them yet for having done that. Using acoustic weapons on us is just one of many ways that murderous parasite is attempting to harm, maim, and murder goyim.

    We are at war with a creature that looks human but whose OS is not human. The jew is a hive minded, soulless, alien chameleon species and it wants total control of the planet where it owns everything and you won’t own even your own body but ‘you’ll be happy’.

    I say nonsense. And I also say, it is time to start the bloody business of fighting back. The entity does not understand peace and bouncy castles. All that it responds to is violence. It is time for we peaceful protestors to grow a pair and go the next step for if we don’t, we will be in the prison planet; the nightmare the jews are wanting for us and are slathering to implement. They have no interest in peaceful protests. The international parasite just laughs at us and throws whatever it can at us. It has no soul and therefore no morality.

    1. Below are a few links regarding the connection between Israel and these deadly technologies. Without a doubt, jews are behind the creation of these technologies. Here’s a quote from Chris Everard’s book, “The Real Dr. Strangeloves“…

      “Nearly every major scientist on the H-bomb and A-bomb projects was from a Hebrew family background – why? It has little to do with the fact that they shared an interest in quantum or nuclear physicists and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that the splitting of the Atom and manipulation of Matter itself had been written into the pages of the Judaic Kabbalah… The Kabbalah taught that all life was made from unseen tiny particles of energy…

      For thousands of years, the Chaldean Judaic brotherhoods – called Cohens – had written about the visualisation of the smallest elements of matter – which were later to be named ATOMS…

      Edward Teller’s family were part of the Budapest Hebrew community in central-eastern Europe which had taught the ZOHAR and Kabbalah to its people orally for hundreds of years. It is from this tiny part of Europe… that all the world’s leading atomic physicists come from. Every single one of the scientists who contributed to the Manhattan Project was Jewish and had family roots in eastern Europe. The strong folk heritage of Kabbalah… in the family backgrounds of Oppenheimer, Teller, and many other Eastern European Hebrew scientists all point to [their] concerted effort to attract demonic entities to our planet… Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer even wrote a letter to the president of the United States in 1947 describing these entities as ‘Celestial Beings.’”

        1. Yes Vandini – their band regulations are VERY different. The allowable output limits in Israel are 10-100x lower than they are in the U.S. and many other white, Christian countries. They are especially targeting primarily white, Christian nations.

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